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Pokémon X & Y Review



I’ve been playing Pokémon for as long as I can remember and the series gets better and better with each generation of Pokémon. Each new installment is roughly the same as the last with new Pokémon, moves, story etc. Well not this time. The latest installments of Pokémon X and Y are far more than just a better version of the last.

Pokémon X and Y literally evolves the way we play Pokémon today and it innovates in a lot of ways. From new gameplay mechanics to easier ways of socializing, I’m here to share with you my view on the latest Pokémon games. While Pokémon X and Y aren’t flawless, Gen 6 is instantly my favourite Generation of Pokémon.

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IGN Reviews Pokemon X and Y


Just about a week day before the release of Pokemon X and Y IGN has already reviewed the latest generation of Pokemon games. The video review further shows the big changes to the franchise and the game itself is considered a “Mega Evolution”! IGN gave Pokemon X and Y a 9/10, check out the video!


It’s me, again. If you’ve noticed I haven’t been the one posting the news, that’s because I can’t. Let me take a quick moment to thank Zenox, JJ, Wyatt, and David and anyone else for posting Pokemon news, and Pokemon Black White 2 News.

If you’ve been wondering what happened to me, I’ve been playing White 2. Black 2, well I finished that in 2 days. White 2 is where my Main team exists. And if you have foresight, this is all about my Impressions on Black and White 2. So let’s get this started.
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Black and White 2 Review from Famitsu


Famitsu’s reviews of Pokemon Black and White 2 are up and here are the scores!

1.) 10/10 – The reviewer praises the new features including the stuff after completing the main story and the Fes Mission. He says that the new feature in the Pokédex which acts as a checklist in that it allows you to check what Pokémon are available by area is super useful.

2.) 9/10 – This reviewer praises the fresh new features, such as the World Tournament and PokéWood. However, he wishes that the Pokémon that you first receive were new, and also that there were more new Pokémon in general.

3.) 9/10 – This reviewer also praises the Fes Mission as well as how fun it is filling in the dex with the old Pokémon that have now become available. She enjoyed seeing the growth of the characters from BW1.

4.) 8/10 – This reviewer mentions that the game can be played as a stand alone, regardless of it technically being a sequel. In terms of the Pokémon system, there’s been no major changes. However, both playing by yourself and whilst connecting with others has received some sound improvement that show what the Pokémon Games are really about.

The total score for these reviews is a 36/40, which is nothing to laugh at. Looks like Black and White 2 are going to be great games!

Source: pokejungle

Nintendo Life Rumble Blast Review


The website Nintendo Life, has published a new review for Pokemon Rumble Blast. They give it an overall rating of 7/10, wherein they discuss the control system, and describe how similar it is to its predecessor, Pokemon Rumble on the Wii. Nintendo Life praise it for its fun gameplay, and the ability to explore the world a lot more. Along with the grand use of the 3D being a new exciting feature, conversely, they find it plain at times, as well as being too familiar with little new variety. Check out more after the jump!

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Official Nintendo Magazine has published a review on Pokemon Rumble Blast (or Super Pokemon Rumble in the UK). Some of the details they included discusses the mechanics of gameplay, how battles work, the story, and filling your Pokedex. The magazine praises the game for its continuation on from the previous Rumble title on Wii, as well as implementing the new 3DS features. Check out more after the jump!

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In light of the recent news of Super Pokémon Scramble’s upcoming release in Japan, we here at Pokémon Dungeon have decided to post a review of this game’s predecessor, Pokémon Scramble (or, as most of us know the game by, Pokémon Rumble).

Although the sequel will be released on Nintendo 3DS, the original was a downloadable Wii Ware title. Pokémon Rumble takes place on a small game board dominated by Pokémon “toys”. Using a Wonder Key, you wind up your toy, and take control of it as you battle your way through various stages, befriending others as you go, in order to take on the Battle Royale and become the very best, the best there ever was. Read more…

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