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The 2015 Pokémon World Championship Series has been announced! For this tournament all main event matches will be standard Double Battles played on Pokémon Omega Ruby and/or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Most Pokemon on the National Pokedex are permitted (including many Legendary Pokémon). Starting January 1, 2015 until the next update, the format, rules, and regulations for the 2015 Pokémon Video Game Play will be inducted for the 2015 Pokémon World Championships next August for 3 days in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).
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We have yet another special tournament event! Entry for Super Speed Double Battle starts now! Now your battle strategy has to be time sensitive. Don’t worry, your team doesn’t have to be fast, the trainer has to be fast! Here’s the scoop on this speedy competition in 3 points:

    1) select 3 Pokémon for battle in 15 SECONDS!
    2) Each battle is limited to 10 mintues
    3) Select a move or change Pokémon in 20 SECONDS!

Participants will also receive a participation prize of 1,000 Poké Miles now matter what. Hit the jump for more information on this contest AND Pokémon from Bank Pokemon are allowed too ;)!

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In short, 2014’s Eevee Friendly was 10 daily rotation battles using a team of 4 Kalos-born ‘Eeveelutions’. The Junior and Masters competitions were held for 3 days, roughly around 7/10 to 7/13. This was a very short tournament, I personally only played 2 of the 3 days by accident. Inside this article are the most effective Moves, Abilities, Natures, and Held Items which worked best for the many forms of Eevee and trainers around the world. These percentages could help you train the best ‘Eeveelution’ possible! Hit the jump take a look at the results!

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Eevee Friendly: Final Reminder!


Make it a Quick Attack, you are running out of time! About 24 hours from now is your last chance to register for the Eevee Friendly Tournament. July 10th at 24:59 UTC is the cut off time. The entry is fairly easy and most participants (if something goes wrong) will also receive a participation prize of 1,000 Poké Miles! Hit the jump for last minute requirements for entry!
(fan art by purplekecleon)
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Unique 3DS XLWith the Pokémon Dragon King Tournament underway over in Japan, the official website for the tournament has recently revealed the special prize for the winner. It is a 3DS XL with artwork of the Dragon King Tournament which will have the name of the winner on the back of the console.This is the only 3DS XL Model of it’s kind and will be given to one lucky winner at the Dragon King Tournament. Make the jump to get a better look at the handheld.

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finals7UPDATE: And it’s over! If you missed all the action, you can watch everything on Twitch by clicking here.

The Pokemon World Championships 2013 finals is about to start on the official Pokemon Twitch channel! These are the best of the best Pokemon trainers in all age divisions fighting for the championship title and it’s all being streamed live.

wcs13-sliderThere’s plenty of news to post today, and it is all going to be here for you guys. Well, we got a new mega evolution, the official X and Y OST, and even the Pokémon World Championship today! Hop inside for the stream that is gonna start later on today, along with other news information.

The tournament times
August 10th —
5:00PM – 7:30PM PT: Video Game Top Cut
7:30PM – 12:00AM PT: Trading Card Game Top Cut

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showdownThe Global Showdown registration is now open until through the end of the day on Thursday, July 25th. The prize for participating has been revealed as well, and is much more interesting than just a berry to add to your collection.

Every player who completes at least 5 matches will be eligible to compete in the very first Pokemon X and Pokemon Y competition. It is described as a “test competition” so this will very much be a beta testing type of tournament to work out any kinks before they hold any larger scale events on the new Global Link site. If you want in on the first Gen VI Wi-Fi action, make sure to register as soon as possible, as they do have a limit of how many people can participate. Make the jump for the full information on how to qualify.

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Pokemon Nationals being held this year at the Indiana Convention Center will begin tomorrow, July 5th and will run through the 7th with pre-registration starting today. The official Pokemon Twitter tweeted a helpful checklist for those of you who are attending the three day event.

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2013 Global Showdown Announced



The 2013 Global Showdown has been announced. Registration runs from July 18th through July 25th or until the participant limit of 50,000 is reached. The Showdown itself will start at Midnight on the 26th of July and will run through the 29th. It will be in a single-battle format, you’ll be able to bring between 3-6 Pokemon to choose from. It is a national Pokemon format, so you can use whatever Pokemon you want with the exception of Chatot, as well as the moves Sky Drop or Dark Void.

For a full set of rules for the last worldwide wi-fi competition for Generation V can be found by clicking here.

2013 Spring FriendlyHey guys, hope you’ve been keeping up with your training through winter, because registration for the 2013 Spring Friendly has begun! This is a bit of a different tourney than what most of us are used to, so I will break it down into the simple terms and have some advice for you all after the jump. Read more…

Pokemon Competition Side Notes


PD1 First and foremost, congratulations to all of you who have participated in the 2013 International Challenge-January! One thing for certain is that great prizes have been given out during this tournament, and you may not want to miss out on some of them! These particular prizes ranged from: Play! Pokémon Championship Points, byes to upcoming competitions for North American players, and a Jaboca Berry for everyone who qualified! If you played and qualified for a Jaboca Berry, visit the Pokémon Global Link Promotions page now to claim it. In my eyes it would be a fantastic idea to do and it won’t take too much of your time to get! More competition news after the jump.

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