Pokémon Gold Version, Pokémon Silver Version and Pokémon Crystal Version

Platform: GBC
Release Date: NA - Oct. 14, 2000 (Gold and Silver)
July 29, 2001 (Crystal)
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Game Freak
ESRB: Everyone


Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal Versions are main handheld games made for the Game Boy Color. They are the second set of Pokémon games released in the Pokémon Series and are the only games in the Second Generation of Pokémon games. They offer several new improvements to Red, Blue, and Yellow, including a newer graphics interface, battle improvements, sprite improvements, and several other improvements. These games also added over 100 new Pokémon on top of the original 150. They take place in the Johto and Kanto Regions.

These games feature Ho-oh as the mascot for Gold, Lugia as the mascot for Silver, and Suicune as the mascot for Crystal. Unlike Ho-oh and Lugia, Suicune is part of a separate group of legendary Pokémon, commonly referred to as the "Dog Legendaries." Suicune is the only of the three "Dog Legendaries" to be featured as a mascot.

In Gold, Silver, and Crystal, Team Rocket returns as the villains. Though previously disbanded in Red, Blue, and Yellow, they have returned to seek power and Pokémon. One of the goals, along with the basic original goals set in Red, Blue, and Yellow, is to defeat Team Rocket and end their tyranny. But, of course, you also want to become a Pokémon Master by clearing all 16 gyms, defeating the Elite Four, and collecting all of the Pokémon as well. And yes, there are 16 gyms in this game. The game takes place in both Johto and Kanto, allowing for all 16 gyms to be cleared. And, as always, there are many more surprises in the games that you need to play to discover!


Meeting Your New Rival Pokémon Hide in the Grass Exploring a New Town Lots of New Areas


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