Pokémon Platinum Version

Platform: DS Release Date: NA - Mar. 22, 2009 Genre: RPG Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Game Freak ESRB: Everyone


Pokémon Platinum is the second Pokémon release for the Nintendo DS as well as the second release for the Fourth Generation of Pokémon games. In this game, the legendary iconic Pokémon is Giratina. This game is set in the Sinnoh region, like its predecessors, Diamond and Pearl.

The game is slightly more enhanced than Diamond and Pearl; the style has been changed in some areas. The plot of this game is completely different from the ones of Diamond and Pearl. The objective of the game stays relatively the same, train and battle your way through the gyms with the desire of becoming the League Champion. Except this time, there is a central plot based around Giratina and the distortion world. There is even a new Parallel World for you to explore throughout the game.

Like Diamond and Pearl, you can still participate in contests and the gyms, and game locations have stayed pretty much the same. However, there are little changes that have made this game more diverse than Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. This game can also connect to other DS cards where you and your friends can battle over a close connection or Nintendo Wi-Fi. There is even an added feature which allowed you to record videos of your battles.


Gigantic Shadow Appears! Battle Videos! Distortion World! Wild Giratina!

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