Pokémon X Walkthrough and Pokémon Y Walkthrough Bug Badge


Chapter 1: Bug Badge




1.1 Introduction

The first time you play Pokémon X or Pokémon Y, you will be greeted with the introductory title screen. Press start and your adventure will automatically begin. The Professor of the Kalos region Augustine Sycamore introduces you to the world of Pokémon.

20131012-114509.jpg 20131012-114505.jpg

 Your first choice on your adventure is to choose between the male or female trainer. Whichever character you don’t choose, will become one of your rivals during your Pokémon adventure. After choosing your gender, you’ll also get the choice between three different skin and hair color variations. Choose the one you like most, name your character, and your adventure will begin.



1.2 Vaniville Town

20131012-114514.jpgYou begin your journey in your new hometown of Vaniville. Your Mom’s Fletchling flies up the stairs and wakes you. After getting out of bed, check the mirror in your room to change out of your pajamas and into your default trainer gear. Unlike previous Pokémon games, you have the running shoes by default. All you have to do is press and hold “B” to run.

Head downstairs and talk to your mother. She’ll advise you to head outside and introduce yourself to the neighbors. You won’t have to go very far though, as two of your neighbors are waiting outside your door to greet you to Vaniville town: Shauna and Serena (if you choose the girl trainer, Calem will be in her place).


They mention how Professor Sycamore has requested your help, along with four other local kids. They agree to meet you in a nearby town adjacent to Vaniville.

You are now free to explore the town, the residence will give you plenty of helpful tips. If your in a hurry to get your first Pokémon, head north through the gate in the middle of town to head towards Aquacorde Town.



1.3 Aquacorde Town

20131012-114346.jpg 20131012-114536.jpg 20131012-114432.jpg

Head through the small pathway and you’ll quickly be in Aquacorde Town. It’s not much bigger than your home town, but has many more accommodations for Pokémon trainers, including a shops to buy Pokéballs, Potions, and an inn that will heal your Pokémon.

Before you can check the stores out, you’ll meet up with Serena/Calem and Shauna again, along with two of their friends Tierno and Trevor. You’ll then be asked to choose a nickname for yourself. The only people who will be referring to you by this nickname is your new group of friends, and wont affect the trainer ID you chose at the beginning of the game at all.

Finally, you’ll receive your starter Pokémon from Tierno. You get first pick, so choose wisely!

 Starting Pokémon

While each starter can have pro’s and con’s, type disadvantages can easily be remedied by catching and training a team of Pokémon. I recommend choosing the Pokémon you like the most and will have the most fun battling with.

Chespin: A Grass-type Pokémon, it has a strong shell that protects it’s head and back in battle. It will struggle in the early area’s against the wild Flying and Bug Pokémon and will be at a disadvantage in the first Gym. However, you will be rewarded for your hard work early on as it has a type advantage over the second gym.


Fennekin: A fire Pokémon, the flame shaped tuffs of fur coming out of Fennekin’s ear function as a heat vent, reaching temperatures of up to 200 degrees. It likes to snack on twigs. A great Pokémon for beginner trainers as it is very powerful against the Pokemon you’ll encounter early in your journey, and has a type advantage over the first gym. However, it will be at a disadvantage against the second gym leader.


Froakie: Don’t be caught off guard by the small stature of this water type Pokémon- they are very strong, and while they might look aloof at first glance, they are constantly keeping an eye on their surroundings. Froakie is a solid pick and will have little trouble against most of the early wild Pokémon and the first two gyms.

After you choose your Pokémon, Shauna will take the Pokémon that has a type weakness to your starter Pokémon, and Serena/Calem will take the remaining starter that will have the type advantage against your Pokémon. Trevor will then give all three of you a Pokédex, a device that records the information of all the Pokémon you’ve encountered. Trevor reveals that the Professor wants you to complete the Pokédex while on your adventure. He’ll also give you a letter from the Professor to give to your Mom before you leave. As you head back to Vaniville Town to deliver it to her, Shauna stops you and challenges you to a Pokémon Battle. This battle is pretty straightforward, use your starter Pokémon’s corresponding type move for an easy victory. Continue back to your house to deliver the letter, and after you say goodbye to your Mom and your family Rhyhorn, you’ll be able to pass the bridge in Aquacorde.


Shauna 500
Chespin Lv 5 Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip
Fennekin Lv 5 Scratch, Tail Whip, Ember
Froakie Lv 5 Pound, Growl, Bubble



1.4 Route 2: Avance Trail

Head over the bridge to Route 2. This will be the first time you’ll encounter Tall Grass. When you step in Tall Grass, there may be a chance you’ll encounter a wild Pokémon. If you bought Pokéball’s in Aquacorde and are familiar with older Pokémon games, you can try and catch any Pokémon you might run into. Either way, just above the first patch of tall grass you’ll meet up once again with your two friends who are also beginning their Pokémon Journeys. It turns out that Serena/Calem comes from a family of Pokémon trainers and demonstrates how to catch a Pokémon to you and Shauna. After she captures the Pokémon, she will give both of you 10 Pokéball’s to begin catch Pokémon. When the 6 Pokémon slots become full, extra Pokémon will be automatically be sent to the PC at any Pokémon Center.

Although it is a relatively short route, there are plenty of Pokémon to catch.


Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Bunnelby 2-3  Average
Caterpie 3-4  Rare
Fletchling 2-3  Average
Pidgey 3-4  Rare
Scatterbug 2-3  Average
  Weedle   3-4  Rare
Zigzagoon 3-4  Rare


Both Pidgey and Flechling are solid Pokémon to pick up for your team, as their Flying typing will come in handy in the first gym. Flechling will eventually evolve into a Fire-type, so if you started with either Froakie or Chespin he’s a good option. Scatterbug’s while weak at first will learn Stun Spore- a move that will inflict the paralyze status to it’s target and reduce it’s chance of successfully attacking you. Having a status inflicting move on your team early on will come in handy in not only capturing Pokémon, but in trainer battles as well.

At the end of Route 2, before you can head into the forest, you’ll have to battle a Pokémon trainer named Youngster Austin. Although he’s not very strong, his Zigzagoon could overpower your team if they are already weak from wild Pokémon battles. It might be a good idea to go back to Aquacorde to heal up and buy some more Pokéballs if you didn’t do that earlier before challenging him.

Youngster Austin
Zigzagoon Lv 5  Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip


1.5 Santalune Forest

Santalune Forest separates Aquacorde Town and Route 2 from Route 3 and Santalune City. The variety of wild Pokémon here make it very easy to begin building a basic team. Throughout Santalune Forest you will be followed by Shauna who agrees to heal your Pokémon upon request. The rest of your friends also show up but most of them just spend their time standing around doing nothing or in Tierno’s case running off to battle other trainers. Wild Pokémon available in Santalune Forest are as follows:

Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Caterpie 2 Rare (X)
Average (Y)
Metapod 4 Very Rare
Weedle 2-3  Average (X)
Rare (Y)
Kakuna 4  Very Rare
Scatterbug 2-3  Average
Fletchling 4  Rare
Pikachu 3  Rare
Pansage 4  Rare
Pansear 4  Rare
Panpour 4  Rare


As you run past where Tierno is battling a Youngster Shauna will find you a Paralyze Heal hidden in some grass and shortly after this is the first trainer you can fight in the forest, Youngster Joey who uses a LV 3 Scatterbug and a LV 3 Fletchling.

Youngster Joey 72
Scatterbug Lv 3 Tackle, String Shot
Fletchling Lv 3 Tackle Growl


Lass Anna 120
Pikachu Lv 5 Thunder Shock, Growl, Tail Whip


Lass Lise 96
Weedle Lv 2 Poison String, String Shot
Bunnelby Lv 4   Tackle, Agility, Leer


Keep following this path through the forest and you will eventually meet Serena/Calem who will give you a free Pokéball and shortly after that is another trainer to battle, Lass Anna and her Level 5 Pikachu which could cause some issues for those of you using Froakie as a starter. South of Lass Anna’s position is another trainer called Lass Lise who uses a LV 2 Weedle and a LV 4 Bunnelby while it shouldn’t cause too many problems, just be careful that Weedle doesn’t poison your Pokémon with it’s Poison Sting attack. To the East of here there is a Pokéball on the ground that you can pick up head West and pick up a Potion and then head North to be the first of your friends to make it through the forest, congratulations. Finish catching any wild Pokémon you may wish to catch and head through the exit to Route 3.



1.6 Route 3: Ouvert Way

After leaving Santalune Forest your Serena/Calem will give you and your friends the Adventure Rules key item its just some basic tips on how to be a trainer

Pokémon on on route 3 include:

Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Azurill 5 Rare
Dunsparce 5  Very Rare
Pikachu 4-5  Very Rare
Bidoof 3-4  Average
Fletchling 3-5  Average
Pidgey 4  Rare
Bunnelby 3-4  Average
Burmy 5  Rare
Magikarp 15 Frequent
(Requires Old Rod)
Corphish 25 Average
(Requires Good Rod)
Goldeen 25 Frequent
(Requires Good Rod)
Crawdaunt 35 Very Rare
(Requires Super Rod)
Gyarados 35 Frequent
(Requires Super Rod)
Seaking 35 Average
(Requires Super Rod)
Marill 25-27 Average
(Requires Surf)
Masquerain 25-27 Frequent
(Requires Surf)

If you need a Pokémon that can learn more than one HM move then a Bidoof will be quite handy to you in the future. Once you evolve this Pokémon it will be able to learn all HM moves with the exception of Fly. This will save you from teaching HM moves to a Pokémon you don’t want to give them to.


Preschooler Oliver 64
Caterpie Lv 2 Tackle, String Shot
Azurill Lv 4 Splash, Water Gun, Tail Whip


Preschooler Ella 80
Pichu Lv 5 Charm, Thunder Shock, Tail Whip


Schoolgirl Bridget 192
Bidoof Lv 6 Tackle, Growl


Schoolboy Brighton 96
Pansage Lv 3 Scratch, Play Nice, Leer
Pansear Lv 3 Scratch, Play Nice, Leer
Panpour Lv 3 Scratch, Play Nice, Leer


There are some  preschoolers right by some tall grass. The first Preschooler Oliver, uses Caterpie Lv2 and an Azurill Lv4. Ella, the second preschooler uses a Lv5 Pichu.

Down the steps and up is a prickly bush you need cut to get rid of. You can back later to get it.

As your making your way South you’ll run into School Girl Bridget. She has a Bidoof Lv6. South of her is Schoolboy Brighton who is using Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear all Lv3. Use your starter to its advantage and watch its weakness. I suggest training your other Pokémon here. Past Brighton is a Super Potion which may come in handy in your upcoming gym battle. Then proceed to Santalune City.



1.7 Santalune City


When you enter the beautiful city I suggest entering the Pokémon Center to heal. There’s also a PC you can use to switch your Pokémon. Be sure you check out the shop in the top right corner of the Pokémon Center. If you haven’t already I suggest buying some Potions for your upcoming gym battle. On the right side of the Pokémon Center is a Boutique. Everyone remembers their first gym badge, why not look good getting it. This Boutique only sells different hats and hat accessories.

Outside of the Pokémon Center to the west there’s a house that has a pretty helpful trade in it. If you caught Bunnelby you can trade it for a Farfetch’d with the nickname Quacklin. It is level 10 and has the very helpful move, Aerial AceWhich will help with the gym battle.

If you head right down the street from the house we got Farfetch’d and go North-East  past the fountain you’ll find the gym. You might recognize who standing in front of it. The lady who zoomed past you on route 5.

Roller Skater Rinka 224
Zigzagoon Lv 7 Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip


Roller Skater Rinka is her name and she uses a Zigzagoon Lv7 it should an easy battle for you. After you beat her she gives you a pair of Roller Skates. Now you can ride around in style with no 8 directional movement restriction. From now on, in the appropriate setting, every time you use the Cirle Pad you automatically use the Roller Skates. The D pad is now exclusively just for walking and running.

roller skates

You can go to route 22 to get some more XP it’s optional. There are trainers there to fight for XP and some more Pokémon to catch. If your not doing that then just enter the gym.

Pokémon in the area include:

Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Litleo 5-6  Average
Azurill   6-7  Average
Dunsparce 7  Very Rare
Bidoof 6  Rare
Farfetch’d 7  Rare
Psyduck 6  Rare
Bunnelby 5-6  Average
Riolu 7  Very Rare


There are six trainers found along Route 22.

Rising Star Louise 420
Psyduck Lv 6 Water Sport, Scratch, Tail Whip
Litleo Lv 7 Tackle, Leer, Ember


Lass Elen 144
Goldeen Lv 6 Peck, Water Sport, Tail Whip
Marill Lv 6 Tackle, Defense Curl


Rising Star Loic 540
Riolu Lv 9 Endure, Foresight, Quick Attack, Counter


Schoolboy Rabbie 160
Pidgey Lv 7 Tackle, Sand Attack
Metapod Lv 5 Tackle, Harden


Schoolgirl Mackenzie 256
Bunnelby Lv 8 Quick Attack, Tackle, Agility, Leer


Lass Elsa 192
Flabebe Lv 8 Fairy Wind, Tackle, Vine Whip



1.8 Santalune City Gym

stantalune bug gym

The Santalune City Gym is filled with Bug type trainers. If you talk to the man at the entrance he will tell you that Bug type Pokémon are weak to Fire and Flying types and that Rock moves will work in a pitch. This is why I suggested Farfetch’d. Depending on who you started with this battle could be heaven or hell. So make sure you have a lot of Potions and know your type weaknesses.

Warning: Unlike most gyms, once you enter the main floor you cannot leave until you have beaten the gym. (Or blacking out of course).

When you drop down you’ll land on a spider web. You can only walk on the thicker web strings. If you can dodge the first two Youngsters to save your Pokémon for the Gym Leader or fight them for more XP. The first Youngster uses a Ledyba Lv10 that can confuse you be careful. The second Youngster, Zachery has a Spewpa Lv10. The last trainer before the gym leader is Lass Charlotte. She uses a Kakuna Lv7 and a Combee Lv9. Watch for Kakunas poison sting. Combee knows gust so watch out if you chose Chespin.


Youngster David 240
Ledyba Lv 10 Tackle, Supersonic, Comet Punch


Youngster Zachary 240
Spewpa Lv 10 Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Protect


Lass Charlotte 216
Kakuna Lv 7 Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden
Combee Lv 9 Sweet Scent, Gust


Gym Leader Viola 1920
Surskit Lv 10 Water Sport, Quick Attack, Bubble
Vivillon Lv 12 Tackle, Harden, Infestation

gym leader viola

Gym Leader Viola has a Surskit Lv10 and a Vivillon Lv12. Surskit is Water/Bug type so watch out if Fenneken was your starter. Surskit knows Water Sport which weakens Fire moves. A flying type like Fletchling, Pidgey, or Farfetch’d is suggested. After you defeat Surskit she will use Vivillon knows tackle and infestation. Infestation is a move that does damage over time like poison or burn so watch it. Fire and Flying moves are your best bet to defeat Vivillon.

After you have defeated her you will receive the Bug Badge and TM83 Infestation. You can leave the gym when she opens the back door. Job well done.

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