Pokémon X Walkthrough and Pokémon Y Walkthrough Cliff Badge


Chapter 2: Cliff Badge




2.1 Route 4: Parterre Way

You’ve obtained the first gym badge! Congratulations! After obtaining the first badge, you now have access to Route 4. Go ahead and head in that direction. The gym leader’s sister will stop you and congratulate you, giving you the EXP Share as a reward. Your starter Pokémon is likely to evolve in this route too!

 EXP Share

Dream_Exp._Share_SpriteThe EXP Share is a powerful training tool that allows the all Pokémon in your party to gain experience even without directly battling.

If you are familiar with the EXP share from previous games, the item works differently in this generation of Pokémon than it has in the past. For starters, you no longer have to give the item to a Pokémon to hold, it’s now a toggle-able on and off Key item. With the EXP Share on, the Pokémon that perform in battle will receive the full amount of EXP, like normal. All the other Pokémon in your party will receive half of the experience gained, without taking deductions from the EXP gained from the Pokémon who fought in battle.

Coming onto Route 4, you’ll encounter a lovely hedge garden. There are a few items scattered in the maze and a good amount of trainers to level up your Pokémon on before you reach Lumiose City.

Fun Fact: This was the same area used in the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Demos, except edited slightly.

You’ll also be able to catch a few new Pokémon in the flower beds (which acts in the same way as tall grass). The Psychic/Fairy type Ralts is a solid addition to any team, but is one of the harder Pokémon to find in the area. One Ralt’s final evolutions is Gardevoir, this Pokémon is able to Mega Evolve when holding the Gardevoirite (found post game). 130px-280Ralts
Route 4 Pokémon:

Pokémon (Yellow Flowers) Type Level Game Notes
Flabebe(Yellow flower) 6-8 Common
Flabebe(Orange flower) 6-8 Very Common
Flabebe(White Flower) 6-8 Very Rare
Ledyba 6-8 Common
Combee 6-8 Common
Budew 8 Rare
Skitty 8 Uncommon
Ralts 8 Very Rare


Pokémon (Red Flowers) Type Level Game Notes
Flabebe(Red Flower) 6-8 Common
Flabebe(Orange Flower) 6-8 Very Rare
Flabebe(White Flower) 6-8 Very Rare
Ledyba 6-8 Common
Combee 6-8 Rare
Budew 8 Rare
Skitty 8 Rare
Ralts 8 Very Rare


South Parterre Way:

On the right or East-Southern, the first item you will see is a Super Potion in the Southern garden maze. The maze to the North in the same quadrant has a Great Ball.

On the left or West-Southern quadrant, the first item visible is a Repel. Continue up to the next patch of maze and there’s an Antidote. You can either take the long way and go left or go right and face Gardener Wheaton. He is the first Gardener of the game you battle, which is the another new class of trainers to make an appearance in Kalos!

Gardener Wheaton 640
Corphish Lv 10 Mud Sport, Bubble, Vice Grip

It would be expected he would have a Grass-type he actually doesn’t. I’m sure his Corphish’s big pinchers can help trim the bushes!
Center Parterre Way:

Next up is the middle of the route and a Campearl and Horsea fountain. There are two Roller Skater Trainers here making their way around the fountain. Watch out if you have any Bug-types in your party or if you started with Chespin! Their information is below.

Roller Skater Calida 320
Fletchling Lv 10 Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Peck


Roller Skater Roland 320
Pidgey Lv 10 Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust


North Parterre Way:

After the fountain area, there is another fork in the road! On the right or North-East side is a Pokéfan trainer who has a Super Potion she will heal her Pokemon if they are on red HP, her info is below.

PokéFan Agnes 560
Burmy (Plant Cloak) Lv 7 Protect, Tackle
burmy-sandy Burmy (Sandy Cloak) Lv 7 Protect, Tackle
burmy-trash Burmy (Trash Cloak) Lv 7 Protect, Tackle


After the battle, in the middle of the North-East and North-West quadrants there is a Poison Barb in front of a tiny fence. This held item is good for any Pokemon that know any Poison-type moves. Continuing on the North-East side, going along the pathway there is an easy battle with a Preschooler trainer.

Preschooler Adrian 144
Magikarp Lv 9 Splash


Now heading up over to the right into next shrub maze is another Gardener with a Corphish. After the battle is an Ether in the North-East most part in the maze of quadrant. From there you can exit the maze by walking through the Yellow Flowers.

Gardener Fabian 640
Corphish Lv 10 Mud Sport, Bubble, Vice Grip

While you’re already this North up in the route, why not go over and talk to the trainer standing in the flowers close to the location of the Poison Barb. He has a Super Potion and Electric-types, watch out if you started with Froakie!

PokéFan Gabe 720
Pichu Lv 7 Thunder Shock, Charm
Pikachu Lv 9 Thunder Shock, Growl, Tail Whip, Play Nice

Now time to back track over to North-West quadrant and go all the way down the path to another battle. Which once again its not a challenge but she is in fact a Preschooler.

Preschooler Mia 144
Budew Lv 10 Water Sport, Absorb, Growth

Go back up to the left and enter another shrub maze. At the end of it is the third and final Corphish Gardner. Those must be some handy Pokémon for hedge trimming! After the battle to the left is a Net Ball, then exit walking through the Yellow Flowers again.

Gardener Grover 640
Corphish Lv 10 Mud Sport, Bubble, Vice Grip


At the end of Route 4, two veteran trainers will be waiting for you to lead you to Professor Sycamore’s Lab. Follow them into Lumiose City, the main hub of the game.



2.2 The Professors Lab & Cafe Soleil

Upon entering Lumiose City, you really get a feel for just how big it is. It’s pretty easy to get lost in, especially with the locked camera behind your back. Don’t worry though, for now only half of the city is available.

Go ahead and follow the girl trainer towards the Professors Lab. Once you get there, a cut-scene will trigger, simply displaying the lab. If you get lost go to the Pokémon Center, turn around to the purple PR Video Studio building and then go left to the white building with trees next door.

Upon entering the lab, you will be ushered onto the 3rd floor where you will find Professor Sycamore. He will greet you courtly and ask for a Pokémon Battle. It is possible to save right in front of him, just in case you want the Kanto starter to have a certain Nature. The prof’s first Pokémon sent out will always be Bulbasaur.

His Pokémon are:

Professor Sycamore 1,400
Bulbasaur Lv 10 Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip
Squirtle Lv 10 Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Withdraw
Charmander Lv 10 Scratch, Leer, Ember, Smokescreen


After beating him, he will allow you to pick one of the Pokémon he just used, along with giving you that Pokémon’s corresponding Mega Stone. Mega Evolution happens later in the game so hang on to that stone!

On your way to the first floor, talk to the lady on the right and you will receive TM45 False Swipe.

Leaving the lab on the first floor, you will encounter Lysandre, wishing to make the world more beautiful. It’s noticeable that there is something off about him from the get-go. Once he exits, attempt to leave the lab and you will be stopped by your friends. Calem/Serena will ask you to meet them at the cafe just down the road. Exit the lab and Trefor will show you the way.

After you meet up with Calem/Serena, you notice Lysandre again, this time talking to the great movie star, Diantha. He’ll mention something about eternal youth with a great retort from the young star. He’ll leave and Diantha will be soon to follow, right after greeting you and your rival. Once that cut-scene is over, Calem/Serena will mention that they would like to travel the region in a competitive way, adding in a burst of confidence that they will not lose to you. Keep thinking that, Calem, keep thinking that.



2.3 Lumiose City- South Boulevard

From here your free to go to Route 5, however, there is still plenty to check out in Lumiose City. Due to a blackout on the Northern side of the city, you’ll be restricted to the South Boulevard for now.

 Poké Miles

20131013-010059.jpgA man inside the Pokémon Center is willing to trade you items in exchange for Poké Miles. Poké Miles are points that you accumulate throughout your journey with others on Wifi. The further the way someone you’re interacting with is from your real life physical location, the more points that interaction is worth. You can also earn Poké Miles by walking through the Kalos region.

Poké Miles Item List
Berry Juice- 10
Moomoo Milk- 20
Full Heal- 30
Max Repel- 30
Hyper Potion- 60
Ultra Ball- 60
Ether- 120
Max Potion- 125
Full Restore- 300
Max Revive- 400
Rare Candy- 500
PP Up- 1,000

If you follow the road to the west, on the same side as the lab, there is the PR Video Studio where you can make a 10 second clip of your trainer and one of your Pokémon. Although they are short, there is plenty of effects to customize your video, as well as the ability to control every available second of the short film. PR videos can be set to be available on your PSS profile so you can show off your creation to your friends.

A ways further, on the same side as the Pokémon Center, there is a hair stylist where you can completely customize your haircut and color.

From where you first entered town, you can enter the Restaurant Le Nah. It cost 3000 Poké dollars to dine at the restaurant, but inside, you’ll take part in three double battles. All three battles are fairly easy and are against Chef Roger. After defeating him three times, you’ll get 12 Tiny Mushrooms. You’ll have the option to leave a tip, but your decision does not have any effect.

Chef Roger 640
Pansear Lv 10 Incenerate
Pansage Lv 10 Vine Whip


Chef Roger 640
Pansear Lv 10 Incenerate
Panpour Lv 10 Water Gun


Chef Roger 640
Pansage Lv 10 Vine Whip
Panpour Lv 10 Water Gun


When you are done exploring the city, head to the gate going to Route 5 to meet up with Tierno. You will bump into a man in a pink suit going on and on about something called O-Powers.

(info chart on O-Powers)

After you’ve finished with him, head into Route 5.


2.4 Route 5: Versant Road



Upon entering Route 5, you will be greeted by a majestic Lucario and its trainer, speaking something of auras. It appears her Lucario has taken a quick liking to you. Well, shake that off and set forth through Route 5.

There is a cool new mechanic dealing with the Roller Skates on this route that you may notice fairly quickly. There are rails scattered about which allow you to grind on them, more likely than not to collect an item. Along with that, this is the first route where you will begin to encounter Horde Battles. Pokémon in Horde Encounters have a higher chance of being Shiny and/or having their Hidden Ability.

(info chart on horde battles here)

The Pokémon you can encounter on this route are listed below.

Pokémon (Grass) Type Level Game Notes
Furfrou 9,10 Common
Abra 10 Very Rare
Doduo 10 Rare
Bunnelby 8-10 Common
Plusle 9, 10 Very Rare
Minun 9 Very Rare
Gulpin 5,10 Rare, Horde of 5x at Lv 5.
Skiddo 8-10 Rare
Pancham 8-10 Rare
Scraggy 10 Horde of 5x at Lv 5.


Pokémon (Purple Flowers) Type Level Game Notes
Furfrou 9,10 Rare
Abra 10 Very Rare
Doduo 10 Rare
Bunnelby 8-10 Rare
Plusle 9, 10 Very Rare
Minun 9 Very Rare
Gulpin 5,10 Rare, Horde of 5x at Lv 5.
Skiddo 8-10 Common
Pancham 8-10 Common
Scraggy 10 Horde of 5x at Lv 5.


Now going farther left on the path and past the first area of grass, there will be a trainer battle to the left of the stairs on this route. These two trainers are the first Double Battle of the game! South of the twins on the upper area of grass there is a Great Ball you can pick up.


Twins Faith & Joy 352
Minun Lv 11 Quick Attack, Growl, Thunder Wave, Helping Hand
Plusle Lv 11 Quick Attack, Growl, Thunder Wave, Helping Hand


Continue a little further along the route and you will run into your buddy, Tierno. He’ll be chatting away about dance moves, like always, and he’ll ask you to battle. After the battle your friend Trevor gives you 3 Honeys for defeating Tierno.


Pokémon Trainer Tierno 1200
Corphish Lv 12 Swords Dance, Vice Grip


Rising Star Hamish 780
Kadabra Lv 13 Confusion


After facing one of the newer types of trainers, a Rising Star continue up the path. This hill is a good reminder that you are in fact playing a 3DS! If you want, when you get the stairs go South and jump on to a Roller Skate rail. This takes you to an Oran Berry Tree, which has one free Oran Berry below it. These new Berry Trees drop more berries every so often.Make your way back up to the stairs, once again the path in front of you is split. North is a battle with 2 Roller Skater trainers. North of them is a path that takes you to 2 rails, which then takes you to TM01 Hone Claws. It’s not the easiest task, if you can get there on your first try, I applaud you. The trick to getting the TM without falling is to go fast.There is a small cliff close to the location of the TM, South of this is Rising Star Tyson. South of the Trainer in the grass there is a X Attack.

Roller Skater Winnie 352
Bunnelby Lv 9 Tackle, Leer, Quick Attack
Skiddo Lv 11 Tail Whip, Tackle, Vine Whip, Growth


Roller Skater Florin 384
Skiddo Lv 12 Peck, Growl, Rage, Quick Attack


Rising Star Tyson 600
Bidoof Lv 12 Growl, Defense Curl, Tackle
Oddish Lv 10 Acid, Absorb, Sweet Scent


Continue West then head South, you are close to the end! This next patch of Purple Flowers has 2 Trainers. To the East of them is two trees that require HM01 Cut, don’t worry that comes soon enough. Also Pancham, a Pokémon found on this route can learn Cut. Behind these 2 trees are the held item Sharp Beak for Flying-types Youngster Anthony!

Youngster Keita 288
Pansage Lv 12 Scratch, Leet, Lick, Vine Whip


Backpacker Heike 480
Sentret Lv 12 Defense Curl, Scratch, Foresight, Quick Attack


Younger Anthony 240
Carvanha Lv 10 Leer, Bite, Rage, Focus Energy
Pancham Lv 10 Tackle, Leer, Arm Thrust, Work Up


Once you’ve done that, wind through the rest of the route and you will find yourself upon a small little town with a joke for sight seeing–Camphrier Town.



2.5 Camphrier Town

Camphrier town is small, but full of character with it’s cobblestone streets and castle property. The first building you’ll come across is a small house, if you go inside and talk to the girl standing by the north wall, she will give you TM46 Theif. This Dark-type attack allows you to snatch away your opponents item away during battle if the user isn’t holding an item themselves, and also do damage to them. If you talk to the man standing to the right, he’ll inform you that he’s in charge of the Pokémon Storage System in Kalos and was appointed by it’s original Creator Bill. He’ll give you information about the different box types and features.

Heading west from fountain in the center of town and talk to a girl with red hair who will give you Berry Juice, which can be used like a Potion to heal 20HP of health in battle. Enter the house just left from here and, there will be a man who will ask you to see a Pokémon of a certain type every day in exchange for items. Talk to the women at the sink, and she’ll give you a Sweet Heart which has the same properties as Berry Juice.

Leave the house and jump over the small  cliff to the right to find an X Attack on the ground. Jump over the second small cliff and you’ll find yourself at Hotel Camphrier. Inside the hotel, on the second floor in the last room, will be a man in a pink suit.  His name is Mr. Bonding, and he’ll explain O-Powers to you again. He turns up in every hotel in that very room from here on out. He will give you another O-Power for your collection, this time giving you the power of Sp. Atk.

A Pokémon Center resides on the South East of Town. If you talk to the man outside of the Pokémon Center, he will give you a free Ultra Ball. You can also find the Name Rater is inside the Pokémon Center to the right. Talk to him if ever you want to give your Pokémon a Nickname or Change the one it already has, however he won’t change the name of traded Pokémon.

O-Powers are abilities that can be activated from the PSS (Pokemon Search System) Screen located on the bottom screen of your 3DS. You can use O-Power on yourself, or activate it on your friends to give them a temporary power boost during their adventure them in their adventure.  The more it’s used, the more the ability grows in power.

Head South to find a small path leading out of town, at the end of you’ll find a Star Piece. It can be sold to a PokéMart (inside a Pokémon Center) for a high price.

A road leading out of town to the West is blocked by a man who will stop you and insist that you go visit Shabboneau Castle before leaving. Head North and enter the castle. Inside you’ll find Shauna asking about Mega Evolution to the grounds keeper, only to find that the manor is empty from the years of it’s occupant giving away their possessions. Another town resident rushes into the castle and and says something has returned to Route 7. Both men leave, leaving you and Shauna by yourself, and she will suggest that you follow him to see what’s up. Before leaving the Castle though, head upstairs and go into the South room, behind the table you’ll find an Escape Rope. This item can be useful later when exploring caves.

Upon exiting the town and heading straight West, a Snorlax has blocked the way forward. The only way to wake him up is with a PokéFlute, but it was taken by the owner of a giant Palace on Route 6.

Before leaving, follow the small path just above the bridge to find a Heal Ball- If you use a Heal Ball on a Pokémon and you have an empty slot in your party it will healed to full health upon catching.



2.6 Parfum Palace

Go North onto that branching path that you passed when walking onto Route 7 and you will find yourself on Route 6. Follow the pathway up and fight the two trainers that are in your way. The first Trainer you pass does not battle you at first unless you talk to them. So If you see one of the bushes on the side shaking, you could find a wild Audino or Venipede in it.

Tourist Hiroko 880
Pikachu Lv 11 Thunder Shock, Quick Attack
Pidgey Lv 11 Tackle, Gust, Sand Attack
Psyduck Lv 11 Water Gun, Tail Whip, Disable, Scratch


Tourist Eriko 880
Zigzagoon Lv 11 Headbutt, Tackle, Tail Whip
Ralts Lv 11 Confusion
Gulpin Lv 11 Yawn, Pound, Poison Gas,


You’ll reach the Palace grounds at the end of the tree-lined path. Talk to the person sanding on the dirt path and they will give you an Oran Berry. You can either give it to one of your Pokémon to hold, which will allow it to use it during battle if it’s health gets too low, or your can go back to the Berry Farm on Route 7 and plant it there.  On the far North West side of the property near the gate you’ll find an Ether. First off, the outside of the palace is the first place where you will encounter a fully functional photo spot.

Photo Spots are special places in the game where you’ll find a sign with a camera icon on it. if you press A in front of one you can call Phil the Photo Guy over to take a picture of you in front of landmarks of Kalos. The Camera has a lot of options, including a Zoom, Focus, and Brightness Level. Pictures you take using Photo Spots will be saved to your 3DS SD card. If you connect your game to your Pokemon Global Link account, you can also share your images by uploading them to to the site.

Walk up to the gate and  you’ll meetup with Shauna. The gatekeeper will inform you that it cost a one time fee of 1,000 Pokédollars to gain entry into the palace. You don’t really get a choice in the matter, as he will automatically deducts the 1,000 from your funds.

Upon entering the palace, a man is in a panic. It turns out he’s lost his Furfrou somewhere on the Palace grounds. You both agree to help him find his Pokémon. The first door to your left has a large bed in it which will function as a healing center for your Pokémon.  Walk up to it and press A to rest, which will heal all of your Pokémon to full health. The first floor consists of mostly tourist and tons of ornate statues eludes to a lot of Kalos Region history, including a great war against other regions that Kalos won. There also seems to be some internal feud as the butlers and maids don’t seem to respect the current occupant.

Up the stairs to the left, entering the first door down the hall. Pick up the item at the back of the room for an Amulet Coin. If you let one of your Pokémon hold the Amulet Coin and they participate in the battle, you will get double the amount of Poké dollars out of a battle with a trainer.

Head back to the first floor and go through the large double doors near the entrance of the Palace to enter the courtyard. Shauna will run past you, looking for that man’s lost Pokémon. Go to the far left and then all the way up to find a Guard Spec. in the corner nestled between two trees.

On this map there are 4 main sections hedge mazes. If you go into the bottom-left section, you’ll find HM01 Cut. You won’t need it for quite some time, unless you are focused on not missing any of the items in the game. If you keep going you will see another item which contains a Super Potion. Heading into the upper-left section, you’ll find Shauna chasing the run-away Pokémon.

Shauna will ask you to help her corner the Pokémon, and says she’ll stand wherever you ask her to, which is technically incorrect. She’ll stand in any of the 4 squares that are placed throughout that section of the garden.

This puzzle is actually fairly simple, but it has given a few people a good amount of trouble. The easiest way to do it is to chase the Pokemon into one of the side sections, on the left or right, and have Shauna stand at the bottom-most section. Then go up through the middle and towards the Pokémon, and it should run a little ways up towards the dead end. Next, take Shauna to where the Pokémon was just standing and go to the opposite side from her and walk up towards the Pokemon. It should run into the dead end and you will have caught it.

After you’re done, a cut-scene will trigger, showing the trainer, who is apparently the owner of the palace, show up and claim the Pokémon back, saying he’ll give the two of you a fantastic fireworks display for finding his beloved Pokémon.

Run back up to the top floor of the palace, after making your rounds of the garden (you can find a Revive hidden among the bushes), and go into the long hallway. On the right side of the screen, you can exit onto the balcony. Go up and talk to Shauna and another cut-scene will trigger. The dialogue from Shauna wouldn’t be so creepy if the rest of your friends from Vanville were there too….

After the cut-scene, the owner of the palace will appear again and ask if there’s anything else you may want. Shauna asks for the Poke Flute and he will, although grudgingly, hand it over, as well as TM17 Protect.

Go ahead and leave the Palace at this point. You can talk to the people if you want, though the only ones that reward you with anything, really, are outside.



2.7 Route 6: Palais Lane & Route 7: Rivière Walk

This is a sort of split route, more or less. As you’re leaving the palace grounds, you can go either right or left of the main path (of course you can backtrack and go both ways), which will lead you onto a side of Route 6. Both sides have items and trainer battles, as well as some really unique Pokémon. Honedge and Kecleon. However going along the right hand side of the main path you will be able to pick up TM09 Venoshock which is located just before you jump back over to the main path.


Pokémon (Tall Grass) Type Level Game Notes
Audino 10 Jumps out from the side bushes on main road.
Venipede 10,12 Jumps out from the side bushes on main road.
Oddish 10-12 Common
Kecleon 11 Very Rare
Sentret 10,11 Common
Espurr 11,12 Common
Honedge 11,12 Rare
Nincada 12 Rare


West Route 6
Everything below are item locations and information for 4 hidden Trainers in the Tall Grass as you make your way South.

Poke Fan Family Jan & Erin 2240
Furfrou Lv 14 Headbutt, Tail Whip, Growl
Furfrou Lv 14 Headbutt, Tail Whip, Growl

They have one Super Potion and will use it when their Pokémon has low HP.

West of the Pokéfamily is a Super Repel.

Beauty Brigitte 960
Espurr Lv 12 Covet, Confusion, Leer
Butterfree Lv 12 Sleep Powder, Confusion, Stun Spore

One Awakening is found East of hidden Beauty Brigitte after jumping over a small cliff and up the path.

Youngster Tyler 288
Venipede Lv 12 Screech, Poison Sting
Scraggy Lv 12 Low Kick, Headbutt, Sand Attack

There is a Aguav Berry Tree North of the hidden Youngster Tyler.

Backpacker Roderick 560
Bunnelby Lv 14 Mud-Slap, Leer, Double Slap

A Ultra Ball is West of the hidden Backpacker Roderick.
East Route 6
Everything below are item locations and information for 4 hidden Trainers in the Tall Grass as you make your way South. Right around the entrance on this side is an Antidote.

Backpacker Jerome 560
Fletchling Lv 14 Peck, Growl, Quick Attack

South-West of this Backpacker is a X Speed in a small clearing.

Tourist Takemi 1008
Volbeat Lv 14 Confuse Ray, Double Team, Tackle,


Tourist Mari 1008
Illumise Lv 14 Charm, Sweet Scent, Play Nice

Continue South of Tourist Mari to find TM09 Venoshock and then a Paralyze Heal, which is North of Youngster Jacob.

Youngster Jacob 312
Croagunk Lv 11 Mud-Slap, Poison Sting, Astonish, Taunt
Beedrill Lv 11 Focus Energy, Fury Attack


Head back to Route 7. If you notice, right before you get to the Snorlax bridge, you can go south onto a special berry farm.

South from Route 7 you’ll find a local berry farm. The owner’s back is bothering him and he can no longer take care of his crops, so he asks for your help in taking care of the Berry fields. He’ll quickly go over the basics of growing berries.

He’ll give you five Oran Berries and five Pecha Berries. To plant them, walk up to one of the mounds of dirt and press A. Select Yes to plant a berry from your inventory. After you bury it, you will be asked if you want to water the soil; say yes. The berries will grow in real-time, and the frequency you will need to water them and how quickly they will grow will depend on the berry species and the soil quality.

Once you grow your first batch of berries, you can use your harvest to grow more berry plants and create Mulch with the Mulch machines on the northwest and northeast sides of the field. Mulch improves the soil quality of your berries, producing a better harvest with less watering.

Remember to visit the farm frequently, as mature berry plants will wither and need to be removed and replanted. Check your plants for any pesky bug Pokémon that may be attracted by the sweet berries, and pluck any weeds from the field if they crop up.

Back on Route 7, go to the Snorlax bridge and the owner of the manor will play the Poké Flute. The Snorlax (lv. 15 Normal Type) will enter battle with you. Be prepared to catch it, as once it’s knocked out it won’t appear again.

Pokemon Type Level Game Notes
Snorlax 15

Once that is done, the owner of the palace will come down and tell the manor keeper that he can have the Poke Flute back, since he plays it so beautifully. Once that’s done, Route 7 is finally open to you.

The first few steps you take, you’ll enter another cutscene, where Teirno and Trevs come up behind you and show you the Pokémon Day Care.

The Pokémon Daycare is a paid service where you can leave up to two of your Pokémon to level up while you’re away. You’ll have to pay them for their service for each level the Pokémon grows at the Daycare.  Be careful about leaving them there for too long, if they reach a level where that species of Pokémon learns a new move while in the Daycare, the first attack on it’s moveset (upper left-hand corner) will automatically be overwritten with that new move. Pokémon will also not evolve while left at the daycare, even if they already hit their evolution level.

The two Pokémon you leave may also breed while in the Daycare. If they are in the same egg group and like each other they will produce an egg.  Talk to the man outside of the daycare to see if your Pokémon are compatible.

The next stretch of route 7 has a beautiful scenic view that attracts the many artist that line the path. They have Smeargle a Pokémon that can copy other Pokémon’s moves and permanently add them to their moveset, so it’s easy to get caught off guard by their diverse move typings. There are also plenty of new Pokémon to catch in the flower beds that line Route 7, as well as another chance to catch a Flabébé.

Pokémon (Yellow Flowers) Type Level Game Notes
Ducklett 14 Rare
Illumise 13 Rare
Volbeat 13 Rare
Flabébé (Yellow Flower) 12-14 Common
Flabébé (Orange Flower) 12-14 Very Rare
Flabébé (White Flower) 12-14 Very Rare
Hoppip 7 Common, Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Psyduck 7 Common, Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Roselia 14 Rare, Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Swirlix 14 Rare
Spritzee 14 Rare
Smeargle 14 Rare
Croagunk 12-14 Common


Pokémon (Purple Flowers) Type Level Game Notes
Ducklett 14 Rare
Illumise 13 Rare
Volbeat 13 Rare
Flabébé (Yellow Flower) 12-14 Common
Flabébé (Blue Flower) 12-14 Common
Flabébé (White Flower) 12-14 Very Rare
Hoppip 7 Common, Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Psyduck 7 Common, Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Roselia 14 Rare, Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Swirlix 14 Rare
Spritzee 14 Rare
Smeargle 14 Rare
Croagunk 12-14 Very Rare


There is an artist painting a picture and you can talk with her to enter a trainer battle. There are also a pair of trainers further west that will take part in a double battle.

Artist Georgia 896
Smeargle Lv 16 Ember, Confusion, Clear Smog


Artist Family Mona & Paolo 1792
Smeargle Lv 16 Confusion, Clear Smog, Metal Claw
Smeargle Lv 16 Confusion, Clear Smog, Helping Hand


Heading West, you’ll encounter the Battle Chateau. Go inside to find the first Gym Leader Viola, as well as Hennessy She’ll be happy to see you and surprised that you don’t have a “title” of nobility yet which are given to participants of the Battle Chateau. She’ll convince him to give you a beginner title based on the potential she see’s in you as a trainer. Boys will receive the title of Baron, and girls will receive the title of Baroness.


Artist Pierre 896
Smeargle Lv 16 Powder Snow, Rock Throw, Thunder Shock


Go just a little further and you will bump into your main rival, Calem/Serena. They’ll greet you and ask you to join them in a double battle against Teirno and Trevs.

Teirno and Trevor 3000
Pikachu Lv 14 Thunder Shock, Quick Attack
Corphish Lv 16 Vice Grip
Flabebe Lv 14 Fairy Wind


Pokémon (Grass) Type Level Game Notes
Ducklett 14 Rare
Illumise 13 Rare
Volbeat 13 Rare
Flabébé (Orange Flower) 12-14 Very Rare
Flabébé (White Flower) 12-14 Very Rare
Hoppip 7 Common, Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Psyduck 7 Common, Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Roselia 14 Rare, Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Swirlix 14 Rare
Spritzee 14 Rare
Smeargle 14 Rare
Croagunk 12-14 Common

At the end of the grassy area South of both caves there is a Persim Berry Tree and A Tiny Mushroom right next to each other. On the way there, between the caves is a Cut Tree so be sure to have a Pokemon that knows Cut with you. After taking the tree down, walk to the end of the narrow path where you will find a Silver Powder. This held item boosts the power of Bug-type moves.


2.8 Connecting Caves: Zubat Roost

After the battle is over, Calem/Serena mentions that you two should head to Ambrette Town. Head up the steps and you’ll see another photo spot here. The cave nearby leads to but it is blocked off. Inside of the short cave, you will encounter one trainer as well as some new Pokemon. You can grab a few new Pokemon if you’d like and level up, but then head back outside.


Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Zubat 15 Common Single or Common Horde
Whismur 7,13-15  Common Single or Common Horde of 5x at Lv 7.
Meditite 13-15 Common
Axew 13-15 Rare Single or Rare Horde

Walk to the left in the North cave entrance and you will eventually run into a Breeder Trainer, but watch out, this type of Trainer usually has a lot of Pokémon!

Pokémon Breeder Mercy 768
Ducklett Lv 12 Water Sport, Defog, Water Gun, Wing Attack
Litleo Lv 12 Leer, Headbutt, Ember
Oddish Lv 12 Acid, Sweet Scent, Absorb
Pikachu Lv 12 Quick Attack, Thunder Shock


Walk to the southwest and enter the cave here that leads to Ambrette Town. In this section, the only thing you’ll be able to do is battle the Pokémon Breeder who’s there. Exit and go south and up some more stairs to reach the cave towards Route 8 and Ambrette Town. Speak with the nurse to heal your Pokemon and then exit the wave to the left.



2.9 Route 8: Muraille Coast

Muraille Coast is beautiful mountain and beach coast line with lots to see. The closer get to the ledge the more you realize how breath-taking the view is! It sometimes rains on this route. You will meet up with a few characters that will upgrade your Pokedex, highlighting all the Pokemon found along the coastal region of Kalos. Also right behind the Route 8 sign there is another little path. Go to the end of it and click for the rock for a hidden Super Potion!


Pokémon (Grass) Type Level Game Notes
Absol 13-15 Rare
Bagon 14 Very Rare
Drifloon 13-15 Rare
Inkay 14,15 Rare
Mienfoo 13-15 Rare
Spoink 13-15 Common
Zangoose 8,14 Rare Single or Commonly appears in a horde alongside Seviper.*
Seviper 8,14 Rare Single or Commonly appears in a horde alongside Zangoose.*
Wingull   7 Common single or Common Horde of 5x at Lv 7
Taillow Rare Horde


Absol or Zangoose will come in handy as you can teach this Pokémon False Swipe. Absol has the better base stats and it can learn other moves that can further help you capture Pokémon. Also if you come across an Inkay, catch it as it may have the ability Contrary which reverse stat changes. This will come in handy in future Pokémon Battles.

*In Pokémon X, Seviper appears in a horde with 4 other Zangoose. The Zangoose will all attack Seviper, making it very hard to capture the Seviper. Likewise, in Pokémon Y, Zangoose appears in a horde along with 4 other Seviper. Thus, the best way to capture a Seviper in X and Zangoose in Y is by trading. Once you have found what you were looking for, head south to Ambrette Town. As you continue to head South, when you see small ledges, there will be a small fork in the path again. Go to the West side for a HP Up. Head South for a battle.

Rising Star Paulette 1140
Axew Lv 19 Scary Face, Dragon Rage, Dual Chop, Assurance

Behind the trainer with the Axew is a huge rock blocking off the lower road. HM04 Strength, which you don’t have yet is needed to battle the blonde trainer and to acquire a Water Stone down. Keep going and there will be another Rising Star trainer to battle.

Pokémon (Yellow Flowers) Type Level Game Notes
Absol 13-15 Common
Bagon 14 Very Rare
Drifloon 13-15 Rare
Inkay 14,15 Rare
Mienfoo 13-15 Common
Spoink 13-15 Rare
Zangoose 8,14 Rare Single or Commonly appears in a horde alongside Seviper.*
Seviper 8,14 Rare Single or Commonly appears in a horde alongside Zangoose.*


Rising Star Rhys 1020
Pancham Lv 15 Leer, Arm Thrust, Tackle
Goldeen Lv 17 Supersonic, Water Pulse, Peck
Skiddo Lv 16 Tackle, Razor Leaf


Black Belt Cadoc 960
Machop Lv 20 Foresight, Karate Chop

After passing through the Yellow Flowers, go West to the end of the cliff for the last battle before the next town! You can always come back to him is your Pokémon are tired. Continue South pass the cliff and through some grass. The little rocks below are actually ones the player can jump on! First for a Leaf Stone, go South a little bit to a small ledge, face East and walk forward to begin. Hop back to the path and go back to first ledge to make your way to the town.



2.10 Ambrette Town

This new town may be small but will be quite useful if you like Fossil Pokémon! Now to the right of the Pokémon Center is a small path which leads to a Heart Scale. It may not seem like much now, but please restrain your temptation to sell it! Heart Scales are super useful items later in the game for a Move Tutor.
As soon as you enter Ambrette Town, Calem/Serena will appear from behind and ask you to visit the Fossil Lab to see if you can’t find out more about Mega Evolution. If you are in a hurry to continue your adventure, head right to building marked D on the map and talk to the scientists inside. Once you enter the Fossil Lab, head to the right hand side of the room and you meet up with Calem/Serena and start talking to the scientist. You will be asked whether you know about Pokemon Fossils or not. Either way you answer the question, you will be recommended to go on a dig to search for Pokemon Fossils. A researcher is out at Glittering Cave excavating Fossils which is where we are going to head to now. Once you are done head out of the Fossil Lab and head right into Route 9.

Around Town

A) Rock Smash
The girl outside of the Museum will give you TM94 Rock Smash. You can use this to break rocks on the beach behind the aquarium and in caves to encounter wild Pokémon and collect rare and valuable items.

B) Trade for a Dive Ball
The man below the stairs leading into town from Route 8 will trade you a Dive ball for a common Poke ball. He will offer the same trade once a day.

C) Fossil Lab
The Fossil lab can clone Pokemon Fossils into living, breathing, replicas of their ancient counterparts. If you find any Fossils during your adventure, bring them here to turn it into an ancient Pokemon.

D) Speed Test
Inside the small house next to the Fossil Lab will be a woman inside looking for a Pokémon with fast stats. During your first tip here, you will most likely not have a Pokémon that meet her requirements. However, if you return later in your journey and show her a Pokémon with a speed higher than she’s asking, she will give you Wing item, which you can use on a Pokémon and it will slightly increase a stat depending on which one you receive. You can come back every day to show her a fast Pokémon and get another wing.

F) Ambrette Museum

F) Hotel Ambrette



2.11 Route 9: Spikes Passage


Once you go past the gate and enter Route 9, you will see a Rhyhorn sitting in the middle of the path. You need to ride on it in order to traverse Route 9 so all you do is walk towards the Rhyhorn and you will automatically hop on. Now you can continue along the route. While riding the Rhyhorn you may step on some Pokemon. The Pokemon are as follows.

Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Helioptile 15-17 Common
Hippopotas 15-17 Common
Sandile 15-17 Common


There will be some boulders blocking your way, all you need to do is press A to let Rhyhorn destroy the boulders. After smashing the first couple of boulders, if you look towards your left you will see a Pokéball passed some steps. use the Rhyhorn to smash the boulder and then press B to dismount the Rhyhorn. Go up the steps and collect a X Defense. Hop back on the Rhyhorn and continue along the path. Go to the right to collect a Paralyze Heal. Before you hop back on the Rhyhorn, there is a narrow path next to the stairs, going down it will lead you to another Pokéball which contains a Fire Stone.

After you’ve grabbed the items, jump on the Rhyhorn again and continue to the end of the Route. There will be another fork in the path. Left takes you to the entrance to the Glittering Cave while right takes you to a Sky trainer which you then have the option to partake in a Sky Battle.

Sky Trainer Orion 2100
Ledian Lv 21 Silver Wind, Supersonic


Go left at the folk and jump off the Rhyhorn. If you need to heal your Pokémon, talk to the Pokémon Ranger. Once you are done head into the Cave.



2.12 Glittering Cave




This first area is a maze with a bunch of new Pokémon hiding in the shadows that blocks your path. here are the Pokémon you may encounter.

Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Rhyhorn 17 In the shadows on 1F
Kangaskhan 17 In the shadows on 1F
Machop 15-17 In the shadows on 1F
Solrock 17 In the shadows on 1F
Lunatone 17 In the shadows on 1F
Cubone 15-17 In the shadows on 1F
Mawile 15 In the shadows on 1F
Onix 15 In the shadows on 1F, Under Smashable Rocks F2
Ferroseed 15-17 Ceiling Shadow on F2
Woobat 15-17 Ceiling Shadow on F2


As you enter the cave, stay on the trail and you should come out on the other side of the maze. However there are some turn offs that lead to a few items. the first turn off to your left should lead you to a dead end with a Hard Stone at the end of it. Once you rejoin the trail there is another turn off to the left which will take you to a dead end with TM65 Shadow Claw waiting for you.

After you collect the TM get back on the path and continue down it until you get to the end of the cave. You will then come out to an open area of the cave. Continue walking forward and you will encounter a member of Team Flare. He will ask you about not playing with fire. selecting “Yes” will force you to turn back the way you came while selecting “No” will direct you to a Pokemon battle.


Team Flare Grunt #1 720
Houndour Lv 18 Bite, Howl, Smog
Zubat Lv 18 Bite, Wing Attack, Astonish


Continue along the path and you will be stopped by a few more Flare Grunts. You fight a Single & Double battle against these criminals but you will get a helping hand from Calem/Serena in the Double Battle.

Team Flare Grunt #2 720
Gulpin Lv 18 Amnesia, Yawn, Sludge, Poison Gas
Electrike Lv 18 Howl, Leer, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack


Team Flare Grunt and Team Flare Grunt (#3/#4) 1600
Scraggy Lv 20 Headbutt, Feint Attack, Brick Break
Croagunk Lv 20 Feint Attack, Poison Sting, Pursuit

Once you beat them you should reach the Researcher who is excavating Fossils. When you speak with him he will give you the option to pick one of two fossils. Picking a Jaw Fossil will let you obtain Tyrunt while picking the Sail Fossil will give you Amaura. Once you get the Fossils you are done in Glittering Cave. Now you need to exit the cave. if you are feeling adventurous you can walk back the long way through the cave or you can pick up an Escape Rope south of where you are and head out of the cave instantly.

(insert fossil info box)



2.13 Route 8 (Lower)

Now that we are done here, it’s finally time to challenge the second Gym! Return to Ambrette Town and enter the Fossil Lab to restore the fossil you got from the Glittering cave. Once you have revived the Fossil Pokémon head out of the Lab. Before we head off to Route 8, use this time to customize your team and purchase any items you think you will need. Once you are done head out of the Pokémon Center and head left to the Aquarium. Before you do though, speak to the girl right outside the Aquarium to acquire TM94 Rock Smash.

When you enter the Aquarium, go to the bottom floor and speak with the fisherman here to get the Old Rod. Exit the building at the lower exit to get back to Route 8.

There are a few Trainers and not so many wild Pokémon on this side of Route 8, but now that you have both the Old Rod & Rock Smash, you can encounter the following Pokémon.

Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Dwebble 18 Common, Using Rock Smash.
Binacle 20 Common, Using Rock Smash.
Luvdisc 15 Always, Using the Old Rod.

Before you can press on, yu will be stopped by a Female Swimmer and she will give you a Dowsing Machine which can let you find hidden items. After finding your desired Pokémon, you will encounter the following Pokémon Trainers along the Route.

Swimmer Genevieve 336
Wingull Lv 19   Wing Attack
Psyduck Lv 21 Confusion, Water Pulse


Fisherman Wharton 1064
Tentacool Lv 19 Constrict, Acid, Toxic Spikes
Tentacool Lv 19 Constrict, Acid, Toxic Spikes
Tentacool Lv 19 Constrict, Acid, Toxic Spikes


Fisherman Shad 1120
Shellder Lv 20 Protect, Supersonic
Staryu Lv 20 Camouflage, Recover


Swimmer Marissa 352
Masquerain Lv 22 Gust, Bubble

Once you get past these Trainers you will finally reach Cyllage City, home to the Second Gym.



2.14 Cyllage City


Temporary image

Couple of things to do before we head to the Gym. Firstly if you go to the first house on the right, speak to the man in the upper right courner and he will give you a Sachet/Whipped Dream depending on which Version you are playing. The Sachet item is essential for evolving Spritzee & and the Whipped Dream item is essential for evolving Swirlix. Just a reminder, Spritzee and Swirlix can be found in Route 7! Head out of the house and head north until you see a building with a Bicycle sign hanging off it.

As soon as you enter the shop you will be welcomed by the shopkeeper who will tell you you are the 10,001 customer and for that you get the chance to win a bike. Answer “Of course!” to whether bikes come in more than one color and you will be able to get a free bike. After that you can choose which color the bike should be. You can pick between Yellow or Green so choose your preference. And with that you now have a bicycle which you can now ride freely on.

Now that you have a bicycle, head out of the bicycle shop and head to the house right next to the Pokémon Center. Inside this house you can give your Pokémon Massages in order to make them more friendly to you. This can only be done once a day so choose the right Pokémon carefully.

Once you are done head out of the house and continue north until you see the next house on your left. In here you can partake in a small quiz which you can obtain 4 Persim Berries. All you need to do answer the simple questions correctly in order to obtain 4 Persim Berries. A well a giving you the berries, you will also be told a useful tip in using the berries in battle. Once you’re done, exit the house. After that all that’s left is the Bouteque, Café & Hotel which you can visit in your own time.

Now it’s finally time to hit the Gym. In order to get there follow the tarmac road until you are stopped by Grant, the Gym leader. For being late for the Bicycle race you will receive HM04 Strenghth as “compensation”. If you have that Bidoof/Bibarel with you teach Strength to it now, otherwise keep it for another time. Once Grant leaves, follow him to find the Gym. If you need to make any adjustments to your team, head on over to the Pokémon Center and prepare for your next Gym battle. If you feel you are not ready for the gym, you can always train on Route 10, which will be covered in the next chapter.

After looking around the city and you are preparing for the gym or just finished it, next to the tarmac road to collect some goodies! Starting from the end of the slope, there is a Super Potion behind the benches. Next, on the way to the gym there is a X Defense South of the Gym entrance. For this go down and to the left of a brown dirt slope that you can slide down. Head North before the next dirt slope and there is the item. The third and final item is at the top of the bike path. Head all the way down to the city to go back up again. Going upward follow the black bike path to the top right, next go down just one slope. To make it easier, hope off your bike and slowly walk over to the item and grab an X Sp. Atk!


2.15 Route 10 (Optional Training)

Route 10 is covered here


2.16 Cyllage City Gym

This time round, You will be up against Rock type trainers. The guy who you met in the Santalune Gym is here again and this time he will tell you that Rock types are weak to Steel, Water and all kinds of things. if you managed to catch that Hawlucha, nows the time to put it to the front of your party. In order to get to the Gym Leader, you need to climb the rock climbing wall to the top. Start by climbing the wall to the right. once you climbed the wall you will come across the first trainer.

Rising Star Didier 1380
Dwebble Lv 21 Feint Attack, Rock Blast
Relicanth Lv 23 Rock Tomb, Yawn, Water Gun


The first Pokémon he uses is Dwebble. Use your water type if yuo have one but bear in mind that Dwebble has sturdy. Once you defeat Dwebble he then sends out Relicanth. Be careful as Relicanth has High defences and will try to put you to sleep with Yawn.

One you defeat the First trainer, head to the left rock wall and climb it then head to the next one right after then continue left. If you need to head down the slope to exit the Gym, if not keep going Left. Don’t climb the Next Rock wall unless you really want to fight the hiker at the end of the dead end.

Hiker Craig 1344
Roggenrola Lv 24 Smack Down

It’s only a Roggenrola this time although it will guarentee that it will take two hits to defeat it bcause of sturdy. two Water or Fighting moves should eliminate it.

After that climb down the rock wall and keep going Left and climb the next Rock wall you see. You will most likely have to fight the Female Rising Star trainer before you climb the wall.

Rising Star Manon 1320
Solrock Lv 22 Fire Spin, Psywave
Lunatone Lv 22 Psywave


She has a Solrock & a Lunatone. A couple of Water attacks should do the job.

After your battle climb the rock wall and another after that. There is another Hiker up here, if you don’t want to fight him, carefully make your way to the rock wall and climb it.

Hiker Bernard 1176
Rhyhorn Lv 21 Rock Tomb
Nosepass Lv 21 Thunder Wave, Rock Throw
Onix Lv 21 Rock Throw, Tackle


He has a Rhyhorn, Nosepass and Onix. A few water type moves should sweep them although Nosepass does have sturdy & Thunder wave.

After that climb this rock wall and you are at the top. get ready to battle Grant.


Gym Leader Grant


Leader Grant 4000
Amaura Lv 25 Rock Tomb, Thunder Wave, Take Down
Tyrunt Lv 25 Rock Tomb

Grant uses both Fossil Pokémon that were offered to you. Amaura comes first. It’s a Rock/Ice type so one Fighting type move should 1-hit Ko it. a Water type attack works wonders too. Amaura will try to paralyze you with Thunder Wave so get your Paralyze Heal ready. Once Amaura is down Grant will send out Tyrunt. It’s a Rock/Dragon Type so water won’t be super effective, however it should faint with one hit. A Fighting Type move should work just as well. Once Tyrunt is down you have beaten Grant!

With this victory you will receive the Cliff Badge and TM39 Rock Tomb, and traded Pokemon up to level 40 will obey you. The ability to use the HM Strength outside of battle is now available now that you have three badges as well. Strength can be used by a Pokemon that you teach it to and using it to move the large gray boulders such as the one in Connection Cave or Route 10.

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