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Chapter 6: Fairy Badge



6.1 Lumiose City

After completing the Lumiose City Gym, meet up with the professor in the Red Cafe. After leaving the cafe, you’ll receive a Holo Clip stating that the next destination is over at Route 14. The exit to Route 14 is at the northeast corner of the City. Return to where the Pokemon Gym was and then make your way to North Boulevard. Exit the town.



6.2 Route 14

Serena 3,700
Meowstic Lv 35 Fake Out, Psychic, Disarming Voice, Light Screen
Absol Lv 35 Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Slash
Chesnaught Lv 37 Bite, Seed Bomb


Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Carnivine 31
Goomy 30-32
Shelmet 30
Quagsire 30
Weepinbell 31-32
Skorupi 30,31
Karrablast 30-32
Haunter 31
Stunfisk 30-32


Pokemon Ranger Melina 2,960
024-Arbok Arbok Lv 35 Stockpile, Spit Out, Swallow, Acid Spray
668-Pyroar Pyroar Lv 37 Echoed Voice, Fire Fang, Takedown, Endeavor


Pokemon Ranger Nash 3,040
Goomy Lv 38 Muddy Water, Body Slam


Hex Maniac Anina 1,088
Litwick Lv 34 Hex
Haunter Lv 34 Shadow Punch, Sucker Punch, Shadow Ball


Pokemon Ranger Reed 1,088
061-Poliwhirl Poliwhirl Lv 35 Body Slam
Fraxure Lv 36 Taunt, False Swipe
Loudred Lv 36 Supersonic, Stomp


Fairy Tale Girl Imogen 1,120
670-Floette Floette Lv 33 Petal Blizzard
Slurpuff Lv 35 Draining Kiss, Cotton Spore



6.3 Laverre City

Once you enter the City, you can immediately head on over to the Pokemon Gym. There are a number of trainers in this Pokemon Gym maze and the yellow tiles will warp you around.


Furisode Girl Kali 2,736
702-Dedenne Dedenne Lv 38 Charge Beam
Azumarill Lv 38 Aqua Tail, Rain Dance


Furisode Girl Linnea 2,880
Aromatisse Lv 40 Moonblast


Furisode Girl Blossom 2,664
707-Klefki Klefki Lv 37 Mirror Shot, Foul Play, Imprison, Torment
281-Kirlia Kirlia Lv 37 Psychic, Magical Leaf
210-Granbull Granbull Lv 37 Headbutt


Furisode Girl Katherine 2,880
685-Slurpuff Slurpuff Lv 40 Energy Ball, Endeavor


Leader Valerie 6,720
303-Mawile Mawile Lv 38 Iron Defense, Crunch, Feint Attack
122-Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Lv 38 Light Screen, Reflect, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam
Sylveon Lv 42 Swift


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