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Chapter 4: Plant Badge




4.1 Mega Lucario

After completing the gym and being awarded with the Rumble Badge, head back to the Tower of Mastery. The guard should tell you that Korrina is waiting for you at the top of the tower.  Take the staircase all the way up until you get to the 3rd doorway. Talk to the man with the purple hair and he’ll give you TM47 Low Sweep. Continue to the top to be greeted by Korrina and her 2 Lucarios. Korrina will start a monologue about the beauty of the city and then give you your very own Mega Ring! The Mega Ring will allow certain Pokemon to Mega Evolve if they’re holding their Mega-Stone. One of the Lucarios will tell Korrina that it wants to be with you. She challenges you to a Lucario vs Lucario battle in which both Lucarios will be holding the Mega-Stone, Lucarionite.

Successor Korrina 0
Lucario Lv 32 Power-Up Punch, Metal Sound, Swords Dance, Bone Rush

Your Lucario and her Lucario are the same levels and know the same moves, and although her’s hits a bit harder than yours, your Lucario is faster. Mega Evolve on the first turn and unless she lands a lucky critical hit, use Power-Up Punch twice and 2-Hit KO the opponent for the win. Regardless of the outcome, she’ll praise you with your way with Pokemon, and allows you to keep the Lucario holding the Lucarionite. If you don’t have any room for it in your party, the game will ask you to put a Pokémon in your PC to exchange for Lucario.



4.2 – Route 12 (Fourrage Road)


Exit the Tower of Mastery and go east from the Pokmon Center to the route that was previously blocked off and your Rival will stop you. Not for a battle this time, but to give you HM03 Surf. Having a water type or any other Pokémon, whom can learn Surf is super important for your team! Once you have your Surf Pokémon all ready to go continue east into Route 12 (Fourrage Road).  Talk to the man next to the Route 12 sign and he’ll tell you about a Lapras that saved him from drowning. He’ll say he can’t afford to travel with it anymore and he’ll give you the Lapras if you have the room in your party.  Teach your Lapras Surf, which will allow you to travel on water. Walk to the edge of the coast and use surf to reach the other side of the river.


Pokémon (Grass) Type Level Game Notes
Miltank 25, 27 Rare or in a Horde
Pachirisu 23-25 Very Rare
Slowpoke 23-25 Common
Chatot 23 Common
Pinsir 25 Very Rare
Heracross 25 Very Rare
Tauros 25-27 Rare or in a Horde
Exeggcute 24,26 Rare
Wingull 13 Commonly Appears in Horde of 5x
Mareep 13 Commonly Appears in Horde of 5x

You should currently have an Old Rod and a Good Rod is obtained soon.

Pokémon (Fishing) Type Level Game Notes
Luvdisc 15  Always w/ Old Rod
Remoraid 25  Common w/ Good Rod
Clamperl 25  Common w/ Good Rod
Corsola 35  Common w/ Super Rod
Octillery 35  Common w/ Super Rod
Huntail 35  Very Rare w/ Super Rod
Gorebyss 35  Very Rare w/ Super Rod


Pokémon (Surfing) Type Level Game Notes
Mantyke 27  Rare
Tentacool 25-26 Common
Lapras 27  Very Rare

Hope on in the water and there will be a trainer swimming around.

Swimmer Alessandro 432
Qwilfish Lv 29 Toxic Spikes, Stockpile,
Binacle Lv 27 Slash, Clamp


Continue heading east and you’ll end up on the better half of Route 12, by the stairs will be a trainer.

Backpacker Joran 1,120
Linoone Lv 28


Go up the stairs. If you have Cut, head South through the flowers then West there will be a small path and a tree you can Cut for the super helpful battle item called “Leftovers”. Head North back through the field of Flowers. Enter the house to the left of the farm and talk to the little girl for TM45 Attract. Now behind the house, using Cut is a Sachet. The Sachet is an evolution item for Spritzee to become Aromatisse. (Spritzee is Y only and needs to hold this item while being traded to evolve). Exit and head East into the farm.

Now come’s the really cool part: YOU GET TO GO RIDE SOME SKIDDOS! If your in a hurry to get to the next town, this will allow you to get there fast by passing any tall grass, trainers, and ledges. Once you hop onto one of those little guys the camera zooms but will back off once to leave that small ranch area. Now after initially running around on a Skiddo like a maniac there are some items to be found! Still on the farm/ranch area, head East and jump up the ledge, then head North/East a bit more and jump up another 3 ledges. Dismount your Skiddo and climb up the stairs for a Shiny Stone. Remount your Skiddo and head back through the 3 ledges. Heading South from those 3 ledges along the left wall you’ll find another ledge. Jump over and dismount your Skiddo and go through the narrow passageway for another item. This item is a Whipped Dream, this evolution item helps Swirlix evolve into Slurpuff. (Swirlix is X only and needs to hold this item while being traded to evolve).

Now just because you can, run all the way to the right to the corner of the fence. There you will see part of the fence is broken, jump on over that! You can now run any where that isn’t passing stairs.

If you do want to battle the trainers on the route, head back through the farm and go south through the flowers again. Now continue going East through Route 12.


Pokémon (Yellow Flowers) Type Level Game Notes
Miltank 25, 27 Common or in a Horde
Pachirisu 23-25 Very Rare
Slowpoke 23-25 Common
Chatot 23 Rare
Pinsir 25 Very Rare
Heracross 25 Very Rare
Tauros 25-27 Very Rare or in a Horde
Exeggcute 24,26 Rare
Wingull 13 Commonly Appears in Horde of 5x
Mareep 13 Commonly Appears in Horde of 5x

From the farm to the next town, here are the trainers:

Pokemon Breeder Amala 1,856
Seviper Lv 27 Glare, Poison Fang, —
Miltank Lv 29 Zen Headbutt, —


Youngster Aidan 648
Yanma Lv 27 Detect, Sonic Boom, Uproar
Whirlipede Lv 27 Iron Defense, Poison Tail, Bug Bite, Protect
Mothim Lv 27 Hidden Power, Bug Bite,


Pokemon Breeder Foster 1856
Zangoose Lv 27 Embargo, Slash, Crush Claw, Revenge
Tauros Lv 29 Pursuit, Payback

After the last trainer, you’ll see a set of stairs heading west. Go down there.

Fisherman Murray 1344
Magikarp Lv 24 Splash, Tackle
Magikarp Lv 24 Splash, Tackle
Magikarp Lv 24 Splash, Tackle
Magikarp Lv 24 Splash, Tackle
Magikarp Lv 24 Splash, Tackle
Magikarp Lv 24 Splash, Tackle


From here you have the choice to either head right into Coumarine City to continue your adventure, or do some more exploring. If you surf north you’ll end up in Azure Bay.



4.3 – Azure Bay and Mega Ampharos (Optional)


Azure Bay contains a few trainers, a photo spot, items, and even a patch of grass. Continue north until you see a small island. Dock there and talk to the man facing south. He’ll give you Ampharosite, the Mega Stone to Mega-Evolve Ampharos.

Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Tentacool 25-26 While surfing in Water


Swimmer Kieran 432
Remoraid Lv 27
Skrelp Lv 27 Acid
Wailmer Lv 27 Water Pulse


Swimmer Romy 480
Slowpoke Lv 30 Headbutt, Water Pulse


Sky Trainer Indra 3,100
Sigilyph Lv 31 Thunder Wave, Charge Beam, —


Fisherman Ewan 1,624
Clauncher Lv 27
Carvanha Lv 29 Aqua Jet


Swimmer Isla 448
Corsola Lv 28
Lanturn Lv 28


Sky Trainer Elata 3,100
Fletchinder Lv 28 Acrobatics, Flame Charge, —
Pelipper Lv 29 Double Team, —


There will be a giant cave if you continue north, Sea Spirits Den. There’s nothing inside yet, but on the back-right of the cave is a Splash Plate. You don’t need to smash the rock to get it though, just walk around. There’s also a Big Pearl on one of the small islands with grass on it.

Head all the way back to shore on Route 12 and head east and you’ll end up at Coumarine City.



4.4 Coumarine City


This interesting port city is split up into two areas which you can travel between by using their monorail system.


To get to the town’s gym, enter the building on South-East side of town and and take the train to the other half of town. Here you will find the Pokemon Center and the Coumarine City Gym. Make sure to heal up as soon as you get there, because as soon as you approach the gym, you’ll be challenged by your Neighbor. Once again, her third Pokemon will be dictated by what starter you choose at the beginning of your journey.

Pokemon Trainer Serena 3,300
Meowstic Lv 31 Fake Out, Psybeam, Light Screen, Disarming Voice
Absol Lv 31 Quick Attack, Slash
Quilladin Lv 33 Bite


After defeating your rival enter the Coumarine City Gym, which specializes in Grass Pokemon.

Pokemon Ranger Chaise 2,560
Simisage Lv 32 Fury Swipes, Lick


Pokemon Ranger Maurice 2,320
Ferroseed Lv 29 Pin Missle
Lombre Lv 29 Water Sport
Carnivine Lv 29 Vine Whip


Pokemon Ranger Brooke 2,400
Simisage Lv 30 Toxic Spikes
Wormadam Lv 30 Confusion


Pokemon Ranger Twiggy 2,480
Gloom Lv 29 Stun Spore, Lucky Chant
Exeggutor Lv 31 Confusion, Stomp




Leader Ramos 5,440
Jumpluff Lv 30 Acrobatics, Leech Seed,
Gogoat Lv 34 Bulldoze, Take Down
Weepinbell Lv 31 Acid

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