Pokémon X Walkthrough and Pokémon Y Walkthrough Rumble Badge


Chapter 3: Rumble Badge



3.1 Connecting Caves & Route 8: Revisited (Optional)

Now that you have obtained your second Gym Badge, it’s time to collect your third. The gap between these badges are significantly shorter than the last, but there is a few things to be getting on with. Route 10 is the next area to progress.

Before we head to the Route 10, continue along the road upward (from the gym) until you reach a cave and enter it. Once inside you will immediately see a boulder. Now that you have the Cliff Badge you can now use Strength outside of battle. Have a bulky Pokémon with Strength in your party and interact with the boulder. When prompted select “Yes” in order to push the boulder. Push the boulder into the hole and you will be able to reach TM40 Aerial Ace.

After you have collected the TM, head South of the cave and follow it until you reach another boulder. Talk to the Backpacker to obtain TM21 Frustration then push the next boulder into the gap. Next head South before the steps to reach yet another boulder. By pushing that boulder you are back to the beginning of Connecting Cave which means you can now get between Cyllage City and Route 7 quickly. Closest to the newly pushed in boulder, to the left is a doctor, she can heal your Pokémon! There is another boulder on Route 8 that unlocks some goodies, so go left while you are close by. If you don’t want to yet, you can always head back to Cyllage City.

After exiting the cave head South until you see the Yellow Flowers, to the left of them is the boulder you want to push back. Behind it is a Water Stone, good for evolving Eevees found in route 10! When you pass through Ambrette Town again, be sure to head over to the Fossial Lab if you found any more fossils to revive.



3.2 Route 10: Menhir Trail

Menhir Trail, also known as Route 10 is a quick road between the Cyllage City, home of the second Kalos gym, and Geosenge Town, a small mysterious town with future importance. It also rains on this route sometimes. Lots of interesting and tough Pokemon can be found in this new route!

Pokémon (Yellow Flowers) Type Level Game Notes
Eevee 19-21 Common
Golett 19-20 Common
Hawlucha 19-20 Very Rare
Sigilyph 19-20 Rare
Emolga 19 Very Rare
Snubbull 19-21 Common
Houndour 19-21 Common, Rarely Appears in Horde
electrike Electrike Electric 19-21 Common, Rarely Appears in Horde
Yanma 10 Commonly Appears in Horde at Lv 10.
Nosepass 10 Commonly Appears in Horde at Lv 10.


Pokémon (Grass) Type Level Game Notes
Eevee 19-21 Very Rare
Golett 19-20 Common
Hawlucha 19-20 Common
Sigilyph 19-20 Common
Emolga 19 Very Rare
Snubbull 19-21 Rare
Houndour 19-21 Rare, Rarely Appears in Horde
electrike Electrike Electric 19-21 Rare, Rarely Appears in Horde
Yanma 10 Commonly Appears in Horde at Lv 10.
Nosepass 10 Commonly Appears in Horde at Lv 10.

For your next Gym battle, I recommend catching a Hawlucha. It is Flying/Fighting and will be perfect to use against the Shalour Gym since they use Fighting types. Sigilyph is a good choice as well.

As you enter Route 10 you should see a boulder just after the yellow flowers. Beyond the boulder lies another TM but requires a little puzzle solving to get it. Sneak up to just behind the boulder and push it down 2 spaces downward. Carefully slither to the left of the boulder and push it until it hits the next rock. Make your way bellow it and push it upwards until it’s stopped again by another rock then go back to the left and push it until it’s stopped again. Make your way bellow it once more, push it up one space, then push it from the left into the hole to get TM73 Thunder Wave.

Once you grab the TM head back to the main path of Route 10 and continue left. To the left of the Yellow Flowers is your first battle here,

Psychic Robert 1232
Solosis Lv 22 Light Screen, Snatch

Fun Fact: After the battle Trainer Roberts says a Dragon Ball Z reference, see if you can figure it out!

Go West to find a trainer walking around for another battle

Tourist Fumiko 1520
Skiploom Lv 19 Sleep Powder, Fairy Wind, Stone Spore
Dunsparce Lv 19 Pursuit, Yawn, Ancient Power
Azumarill Lv 19 Bubble Beam, Rollout, Defense Curl


Once you enter between the stone walls head right to pick up a Mind Plate, which is somewhat behind the tree from the area before. After that continue heading North to Geosenge Town. At a certain point a Team Flare Grunt will appear and challenge you to a battle.

Team Flare Grunt 920
Houndour Lv 21 Odor Sleuth, Smog, Bite
Golbat Lv 23 Astonish, Bite, Confuse Ray


After you have swiftly beaten the Team Flare Grunt, back track a tiny bit (before the stone wall) and head left to grab a X Attack. Then make your way to the right to carry on.

Walk straight up North until you see another patch of grass and make an immediate left for another battle.

Psychic Sayid 1176
Meditite Lv 21 Detect, Confusion, Mind Reader
Kirlia Lv 21 Double Team, Confusion

After the battle go North, in front of another stone wall for a Thunder Stone, which is another great evolution item for Eevees in the area! From there go East and you will run into more Team Flare Grunts.

Once you have beaten both Grunts keep following the path until you reach Geosenge Town.

Team Flare Grunt 840
Electrike Lv 23 Spark, Howl, Quick Attack
Croagunk Lv 21 Feint Attack, Taunt


Team Flare Grunt 960
Gulpin Lv 24 Poison Gas, Amnesia, Sludge

The last trainer on the route is another tourist.

Tourist Tomoko 1520
Drifloon Lv 19 Astonish, Focus Energy, Payback
Pachirisu Lv 19 Endure, Charm
Hippopotas Lv 19 Bite, Dig, Yawn



3.2 Geosenge Town

geosenge town
Geosenge town is very small and there isn’t too much site-seeing, it sometimes rains here too. In the hotel on the right, here, you can find another O-Power. Upon walking into the bulk of the town, a cut-scene will occur showing a Team Flare grunt walking off. If you follow him, he’ll give a story on his beliefs and walk off. Calem/Serena will come up behind you and also spot the Team Flare grunt, wondering what they are up to. If you follow the grunt up the path they took, it will be a dead end.

There are 2 items you can pick up as you finish up in the town. Left of the Pokemon Center is Soft Sand and North of the Hotel is a Timer Ball. Head back down and go towards the exit to Route 11 on the east side of town.


Gym Leader Korrina will stop you on your way out. She’ll ask you for a friendly battle against her two Lucario. Lucario being a Fighting/Steel type has many resistances, but is weak against Fire, Fighting, and Ground attacks. Between Swords Dance and Power-Up Punch (A move that damages it’s opponent as well as raise the users  attack stat), if you give even one free turn for her Lucario to power up, it can start to deal some massive damage so take it out quickly. Although you won’t get a badge for defeating her, she’ll tell you that her gym is located in the next town over in Shalour City.


Leader Korrina 4000
Lucario Lv 25 Swords Dance, Metal Sound, Feint, Power-Up Punch
Lucario Lv 25 Swords Dance, Metal Sound, Feint, Power-Up Punch



3.3 Route 11: Miroir Way

This route is really straight forward. There’s a Sitrus berry tree for your enjoyment, and TM69 Rock Polish you can get using Cut, as well as a Sky Battle waiting for you near the top of the cliff. Make sure your Flying/Levitating Pokemon are ready for that battle.

There are lots of Poison and Fighting types on this route. All Pokemon found include:

Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Nidorino 21-23 Rare
Nidorina 21-23 Very Rare
Stunky 11 or 21 Rare alone, Commonly Appears at lv 11 in horde of 5x.
Throh 22-23 Common
Sawk 22-23 Common
Chingling 21 Rare
Hariyama 22-23 Common
Dedenne 21-22 Very Rare
Staravia 22-23 Common
Starly 11-12 Rarely Appears in horde of 5x.
Nidoran 11 Commonly Appears in horde alongside male Nidoran.
Nidoran 11 Commonly Appears in horde alongside female Nidoran.


Don’t worry the hiker doesn’t battle you, but the trainer to the left of the berry tree does!

Psychic Emanuel 1344
Solosis Lv 24 Charm, Light Screen, Hidden Power, Recover
Sigilyph Lv 24 Light Screen, Psybeam


Continue on and head right, a trainer running around will battle you.

Battle Girl Gerardine 1344
Mienfoo Lv 28 Force Palm


Follow the path, either use Cut on the tree for a good Flying-type move or go North for a fun double battle.

Brains & Brawn Frank & Sly 2912
Mr. Mime Lv 26 Psybeam, Light Screen
Machoke Lv 28 Low Sweep, Foresight

After the battle either enter the cave or go East for a bit for a Sky Battle. Be careful through, it is not easy. If you have just one Flying-type it will be going up against not one, but three Pokemon! It took my Fletchinder at level 33 and 3 Hyper Potions to beat her, so be wary.

Sky Trainer Yvette 2400
Emolga Lv 23 Spark, Double Team
Staravia Lv 24 Facade, Quick Attack, Retaliate
Wingull Lv 23 Air Cutter, Attract, Water Pulse


Go ahead and run into the cave once you are done here.



3.4 Reflection Cave



The picture above will help you avoid getting lost! On the first floor, there are a few items on the paths that lead to dead ends which you can make your way towards while searching for wild Pokemon and training. Use the mirror walls of the cave will allow you to see things might be hard to miss at the fixed camera angle, such as entrances to other areas and steps. The mirrors will also make is so that if you walk past a trainer looking into them, they will spot you in the reflection, so there are some trainer battles you won’t be able to sneak past while their backs are turned.

There are a few wild Pokemon with abilities that may make training difficult. Roggenrola will appear alone or in hordes. They have the ability Sturdy, which will save it from getting 1HKO’d. This makes it easier to catch than most Pokemon, but it also makes them more time consuming to train on. The cave is also littered with Wobbuffet with the ability Shadow Tag, which will not only stop your Pokemon from fleeing the battle but from switching out as well. If the Pokémon at the front of your party knows the move Roar (such as Houndour found on Route 10, X version only), you can easily end the battle. Everything else in the cave should be relatively tame, a Dark Pokemon can handle the majority of the wild encounters in this area.


There is no way to get to the end of the cave by staying on the first floor, so when your ready go to Reflection Cave B1 the South side of the cave. At the entrance of B1, you’ll find a woman who will heal your Pokemon. She will do it as many times as you need, so don’t be afraid to backtrack if someone faints so you don’t miss any experience points!

The first trainer will see your reflection!

Backpacker Lane 1040
Linoone Lv 26 Headbutt, Sand Attack


Head South, and you’ll meet up with Tierno. He’ll give you TM70 Flash, a move you can use outside of battle that will reduce your wild Pokemon encounter rate inside caves.


Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Mr. Mime 22-23 Common
Chingling 21 Rare
Wobbuffet 22 Rare
Solosis 22-23 Common
Carbink 11,21-23 Rare alone, Rarely Appears in Horde alongside Roggenrola.
Roggenrola 11,21 Common Alone, Commonly Appears in Horde of 5x.
Sableye 22 Very Rare
Woobat 21-22  Drops from Ceiling Shadow on all Floors
Ferroseed 23 Drops from Ceiling Shadow on all Floors
Mime Jr. 11 Commonly Appears in Horde of 5x.

Head right to a sparkly patch on the ground, this is some what of a center of the entire floor. Head North and make a left for a Nest Ball, on your way back make a right on a narrow path right behind a rock for a Revive. Continue South and avoid shadows if you aren’t looking for a battle. As you seen a small set of stairs there is a trainer right below that.

Battle Girl Hedvig 1248
Throh Lv 25 Bulldoze, Vital Throw
Hawlucha Lv 26 Rock Tomb

After the battle head South for a Moon Stone. Come back up and go to the right for another battle.

Ace Trainer Monique 2500
Doduo Lv 24 Uproar
Helioptile Lv 25 Razor Wind
Granbull Lv 24 Headbutt, Charm

After the battle go deeper in the cave and take the stairs. In this next room there is a lady who will your Pokemon for free, very lucky! We do not have a diagram for this floor so follow closely! Battle the lady in the orange hat first here.

Tourist Monami 1872
Nidorina Lv 26 Bite

After the battle grab the Black Belt at the top of the hill. Head back down and go South and there’s Tierno! He gives the TM70 Flash, a non-permanent move that is recommended to be taught to one of your Pokémon now. When you use it, the camera angle backs up, very strange but helpful! Continue right for an Escape Rope and a trainer who yells “BATTLE!” at you!

Black Belt Igor 1344
Sawk Lv 28 Retaliate

Keep going North and there’s another Trainer who is facing the wall and blends in with the environment somewhat. North of him is another Tourist Trainer.

Psychic Franz 1344
Chimecho Lv 24 Uproar
Golett Lv 24 Shadow Punch


Tourist Haruto 1872
Nidorino Lv 24 Fury Attack

Before running up to the couple to the North, go straight up to the mirror wall and make a right for a Hyper Potion. Go back to the left for a battle with this cute couple!

Honeymooners Yuu & Ami 3744
Vespiquen Lv 26 Power Gem, Defend Order, Fury Swipes
Combee Lv 26 Gust, Sweet Scent

After those two, go all the way to the left to pick up an Iron. There is now two ways you could go. After picking up the item, you can either go up the stairs or go battle the Ace Trainer with purple hair near you and go down stairs.

Going Downstairs:

Ace Trainer Emil 2500
Absol Lv 26 Double Team
Pinsir Lv 25 Revenge

Go South and head left, not further South that makes you slide down and waste more time! On the floor below travel North until you see an item. Make your way to the Earth Plate, this item raises Rock-type moves! That’s it, there is nothing else down here except for another ledge you can’t hop over. Go all the way back and it’s time to go to Shalour City.
Going Upstairs:

Hiker Dunstan 2500
Sandile Lv 22 Assurance, Mud-Slap
Dwebble Lv 23 Bug Bite
Diggersby Lv 24 Take Down


Once you come up on the first floor again, near the exit on the other side of the cave, don’t forget to push the boulder back for easy access when you’re walking through again.

Go ahead and step out into Shalour City.



3.5 Shalour City

Once you leave the cave you’ll find yourself right at the gate of the next city. This residence of this town think very highly of trainers and the relationship they build with their Pokemon, which you’ll be rewarded for if you talk to the locals.

After healing up your Pokemon, go up the stairs next to the Pokemon Center where you’ll meet up with Tierno and Trevor. They will remind you that this is the town with the Mega Evolution Guru in it that Professor Sycamore wanted your group to visit. The gym won’t be available until you visit the Tower of Master, which is located just north of the town. On your way there however Tierno will run into you again and give you a stone he received from a stranger for preforming a dance number that he suspects might be a clue to Mega Evolution. Run straight north down the sandy road and into the Tower.

Around Town

A) New O-Power
Although this town doesn’t have a Hotel, you can still find Mr. Bonding in the corner of the Pokemon Center. Talk to him and he’ll grant you Critical Power lv. 1

B) Eviolite
The brown-haired man in the middle of the room will ask to look at your Pokedex. If you have seen many Pokemon in the Costal Kalos Pokedex, he will reward you with an item. Eviolite is a held item that raises the Defense and Special Defense only for Pokemon that have not yet reached their final evolved form. It’s a great item for Pokemon you are holding off evolving, or species that don’t evolve until much later in the game.

C) Sooth Bell
If the older woman inside the house admires the connect you have with the first Pokemon in your party and give you a Smooth Bell; an item when held by a Pokemon will raise their friendliness to you quicker. It comes in handy with Pokemon that require friendliness to evolve.

D) Friendship and a Good Deed
Talk to man standing near the doorway. He will ask you to show him a Pokemon you have raised with loving care. If the Pokemon you show him has a high enough friendliness towards you, he’ll give the Pokemon a Footprint Ribbon.

The woman near the kitchen is in need of some help. Talk to her while either having a Flying or Psychic type Pokemon, and she’ll reward you with Stardust which can be sold to the PokeMart for a high price.

E) Berry Trade
A man inside will trade you a Sitrus Berry for a Leppa Berry. A Leppa Berry when held by a Pokemon will restore 10 PP to a move if the user runs out of PP in battle.



3.6 Tower of Mastery



Once inside, run forward and head through the door that is straight ahead to meet the Mega Evolution guru. This will trigger a cut scene that eventually has you battling with your neighbor to decided which one of you will receive the Mega Ring.

Your rivals first two Pokemon will be the same no matter what, but their 3rd Pokemon will be dependent on which starter you choose at the beginning of the game. If you choose Chespin, your rival will have a Braixen. If you choose a Fennekin, your rival will battle with a Frogadier, and if you chose a Froakie, your rival will have a Quilladin.


Pokemon Trainer Calem/Serena’s Team 3,000
If you chose Chespin
678-Meowstic Meowstic Lvl 28 Fake Out, Light Screen, Disarming Voice, Psybeam
359-Absol Absol Lvl 28 Slash, Quick Attack
654-Braixen Braixen Lvl 30
If you chose Fennekin
678-Meowstic Meowstic Lvl 28 Fake Out, Light Screen, Disarming Voice, Psybeam
359-Absol Absol Lvl 28 Slash, Quick Attack
657-Frogadier Frogadier Lvl 30
If you chose Froakie
678-Meowstic Meowstic Lvl 28 Fake Out, Light Screen, Disarming Voice, Psybeam
359-Absol Absol Lvl 28 Slash, Quick Attack
651-Quilladin Quilladin Lvl 30 Needle Arm, Bite


After defeating your rival it’s now time to take on the gym leader so return to Shalour City and enter the Gym.



3.7 Shalour City Gym

The Shalour City Gym doesn’t have any obstacles you need to navigate, however to challenge the Gym Leader you will need to win battles against the four trainers skating around the Gym. The gym specializes in fighting type Pokemon, so bringing along both a Psychic and Flying Pokemon with you. Some Pokemon in the gym have a second typing such as Heracross(fighting/bug) and Hawlucha (fighting/flying), so having one of each type will help you cover any type weaknesses. After defeating them, rails you can grind on with your roller skates will appear, leading to the center area where you’ll find Gym Leader Korrina.

Roller Skater Shun 864
Pancham Lv 27 Comet Punch
Throh Lv 27 Revenge, Seismic Toss
Machoke Lv 27 Low Sweep


Roller Skater Dash 960
Heracross Lv 30 Chip Away, Counter, Brick Break, Take Down


Roller Skater Kate 896
Meditite Lv 28 Mind Reader, Feint
Mienfoo Lv 28 Fake Out


Roller Skater Rolanda 928
Sawk Lv 27 Karate Chop, Double Kick
Mienfoo Lv 29 Belly Drum, Whirlwind, Smelling Salts


Gym Leader Korrina


Leader Korrina Items: Hyper Potion x2 5120TM98 Power-Up
Mienfoo Lv 29 Fake Out, Double Slap, Power-Up Punch
Machoke Lv 29 Rock Tomb, Leer, Power-Up Punch
Hawlucha Lv 32 Flying Press, Hone Claws, Power-Up Punch


Gym Leader Korrina’s first two Pokemon, Mienfoo and Machoke, are pure Fighting types. Use either Psychic type or Flying type attacks to quickly take them down before they get too many Power-Up Punches in; it’s the Gym’s defining attack which will not only hurt your Pokemon, but raises their attack with every hit which can quickly snowball it’s damage out of control. Hawlucha is a fighting/flying type, so using flying type moves won’t be as effective against it. It also knows the move Power-Up Punch, so don’t mess around and knock it out quickly with Psychic type attacks.

After defeating Korrina you’ll receive the Rumble Badge, which will allow you to command traded Pokemon up to level 50, as well as use HM Surf outside of battle to travel on Water. You will also receive TM98 Power-Up Punch.

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