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Chapter 5: Voltage Badge



5.1 Route 13

Head South from the location of the Coumarine Gym and you should come to the gate leading to Route 13. Before you are able to walk in you should receive a Holo clip from Lysandre, congratulating you upon achieving a Mega Evolution. After the conversation with Lysandre you can proceed through the gate on your way to Route 13. Upon entering the gate you will be approached by Professor Sycamores assistants Sina and Dexio, and they will give you the third Pokedex update: Moutain Kalos. They have come to investigate the power outage at the Kalos Power Plant which is on Route 13. Go through the gate to check things out for yourself.

Head left and use your Roller Blades to cross the rail. Take the grind rail back South and continue walking down this path. You’ll soon come across a Researcher and he will mention some people dressed in red, referring to Team Flare. If you walk past him, going West that is, you’ll find a bridge with a member of Team Flare blocking the way. This can only mean one thing, they have something to do with the Black out and it’s your job stop them.

Pokémon Type Level Game Notes
Dugtrio 26-28
Trapinch 26-28
Gible 26-28



5.2 Team Flare and the Kalos Power Plant

After speaking with the member of Team Flare a battle will begin. Once you have defeated him he will conveniently mention that he has dropped his power plant pass about nine steps back the way you came near a large boulder. Walk up to the boulder, which is just off of the bridge, and press “A” to find his pass. Walk passed him towards the power plant entrance and open the door. From here it’s a straight shot down the hallway so just keep walking until you enter another part of the Kalos power plant. Once you walk about 4 steps into this new room you will be approached by the next Team Flare member, he’ll say some corny joke before the battle starts so be sure to read it. After defeating him continue straight passed him (the room right of him just has an item and some npcs in it). As you continue passed him you’ll find yet another Team Flare member ready to battle.


Team Flare Grunt 1,320
Houndoom Lv 31 Beat Up
Golbat Lv 33 Air Cutter


Team Flare Grunt 1,280
Scraggy Lv 31 High Jump Kick, Chip Away, Payback, Brick Break
Croagunk Lv 32 Sucker Punch, Revenge


Team Flare Grunt 1,320
Croagunk Lv 31 Sucker Punch, Revenge, Swagger
Golbat Lv 33 Confuse Ray, Acrobatics, Swift


Team Flare Grunt 1,360
Mightyena Lv 31 Roar, Odor Sleuth, Assurance


Team Flare Grunt 1,280
Scraggy Lv 31 Chip Away, Brick Break, Payback
Golbat Lv 31 Confuse Ray, Wing Attack, Swift


Team Flare Grunt 1,280
Golbat Lv 32 Air Cutter, Swift, Confuse Ray, Wing Attack
Mightyena Lv 31 Swagger, Roar, Odor Sleuth, Assurance


Team Flare Grunt 1,360
Swalot Lv 34 Amnesia, Body Slam, Encore


Team Flare Grunt 1,320
Liepard Lv 34 Assurance, Hone Claws, Torment
Swalot Lv 33 Body Slam, Amnesia


Team Flare Grunt 1,240
Croagunk Lv 31 Sucker Punch, Revenge, Swagger
Scraggy Lv 31 High Jump Kick, Chip Away, Brick Break, Payback
Liepard Lv 31 Assurance, Hone Claws, Torment, Fake Out


Team Flare Admin 2,880
Houndoom Lv 36 Beat Up, Odor Sleuth, Feint Attack


Team Flare Aliana 5,320
Mightyena Lv 38 Swagger, Roar, Odor Sleuth, Assurance



5.3 Lumiose City

Once you enter the city, run to the center part of town and electricity will flow to the gym. This gym uses electric type Pokemon, so ground are the way to go. Grass and Dragon both have some resistance to electric type attacks as well.


Schoolboy Finnian 1,088
Dedenne Lv 34 Charge Beam, Rest, Snore


Rising Star Estel 2,100
Raichu Lv 35 Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt


Ace Trainer Mathis 3,600
Lanturn Lv 36 Bubble Beam


Ace Trainer Maxim 3,600
Lanturn Lv 36 Charge Beam


Ace Trainer Rico 3,600
Ampharos Lv 36 Confuse Ray, Thunder Punch, Power Gem


Poke Fan Abigail 2,720
Minun Lv 34 Copycat, Swift


Poke Fan Lydie 2,720
Plusle Lv 34 Play Nice, Copycat, Swift


Gym Leader Clemont


Leader Clemont 5,920
Emolga Lv 35 Aerial Ace, Quick Attack
Heliolisk Lv 37 Quick Attack, Thuunderbolt
Magneton Lv 35 Electric Terrain, Thunderbolt

Clemont’s first Pokemon is Emogla which is an Electric/Flying type. It’s Aerial Ace will wreak any grass type Pokemon you try to use against it, and it’s also immune to Ground type attacks. The easiest way to deal with them is to have a Ground Pokemon that knows a Rock-type move. His second Pokemon is an Electric/Normal Type Pokemon that should easily be taken care of with Ground-Type attacks. His final Pokemon is Magneton, and hits much harder than the rest of his Pokemon, and has the ability Sturdy, which will keep it from being 1HKO’d. Knock it out with either a Fighting, Ground, or Fire move.

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