Pokemon Rumble Blast walkthrough

What follows is a textual walkthrough for Pokemon Rumble Blast. We offer this text version of our walkthrough as a quick guide for getting through the game. In the future, we will be creating a walkthrough for this game that follows the rest of our guides here at Pokémon Dungeon. In the mean time, feel free to go to our Forums to discuss the game.


“There is a world of Pokémon different from the one you know. Now wind the Wonder Key and take off for Toyland!” In this new spin-off title, you will control toy Pokémon for battling and collecting. The world of Toyland runs on glowdrops and someone is stealing the glowdrops! Chase down Cobalion’s minions and save Toyland!


Circle Pad/D-pad – Move
A Button – Attack 1
B Button – Attack 2 (only for Pokémon with two attacks)
X Button – Switch Pokémon
Y Button – View Pokémon information (while searching Pokémon list)
Start – Pause


In this game there are towns that serve as ‘hubs’ for healing your Pokémon and learning new moves.

  1. Move-a-majig - Obtain a random move of the specified power level by paying a certain number of points.
  2. Move Vendor - Obtain a super powerful move for a high number of points.
  3. Shopscope - Lets you view the real world shop and see if any customers have been there(uses Street pass)
  4. Release Point - You can release Pokémon when you have too many (the cap is in the thousands, so don’t worry about that)
  5. Collection - Check the Pokémon you found and befriended in different areas.
  6. Information - Various records
  7. Two-player - Play with a friend to get more Pokémon
  8. In the eastern portion of the towns, there are spring boards to send you to other towns after you access them in the storyline.
  9. Glowing Fountain - Glowdrops will heal Pokémon (after beating the game you will obtain a glowdrop vial that will fully heal your Pokémon after clearing an area or winning a battle).
  10. Drilbur tunnels allow you access different zones in the current world.
  11. Move School - In the final town, the Pokemon in your collection will teach their move to another Pokémon. After teaching their attack, they leave and you do not have access to them again.

Basic Battle Information

While traversing the different areas in the game to catch new Pokémon, it is important to understand the moves that you have access to make. Practice with these if you are using a new Pokémon before you encounter enemies. Moves can be distant or close range, quick or slow, long or short, have an area of effect or just a direct line of attack. Some attacks can be interrupted if you get hit.

Battle Royale

You will encounter these battles after clearing the different areas in a zone. These battles open gates to new zones or give you items to assist you in other specialty battles. You will be thrown into a ring with dozens of other Pokémon in a free-for-all battle. Defeat Pokémon to collect more time. After defeating most of the opponents, boss level Pokémon will appear. You have 3 lives to win, however you cannot switch until your Pokémon faints. Be the last one standing to claim victory.

Team Battle

These battles will help you conquer Pokémon forts. Pick two teammates and launch yourself over the fort wall. As you progress you will encounter Pokémon and then miniboss-type Pokémon. Defeat a miniboss to receive some health. After a few rounds, the final boss Pokémon will appear. Defeat this Pokémon to win the Team Battle. Further through the game, you will receive an upgrade for team battles that will allow you to collect windup energy. After obtaining a certain amount of windup energy, press the X button to launch a hyper mode attack. This will stack your three Pokémon and power up your attacks and also heal your team by a small margin every second.

Charge Battle

These battles will help you take down massive forces of Pokémon. You must first obtain a Charge Flag and later a Charge Flag+ to lead your most powerful Pokémon into battle. When prompted press the A button as rapidly as possible and if your Pokémon team has higher MAX power than your opponent then watch your forces drive through the enemy.

Battle Locale

Find rattata in towns after completing the main game to take the Battle Locale challenge. You will be sent to a random area and given a single Pokémon. Clear the area to keep any Pokémon you gain and earn a large point prize. The winnings increase by 5000 points every time you clear a challenge, up to 40000P.

Rumpus Room

On very rare occasions, as you progress through the levels in the game, you will be thrown into a Rumpus Room rather than the next part of the level you’re on. In this small room, you will have to face numerous Pokémon from the level within the close confines of the room. There are two types of rooms you can encounter. The first type is relatively standard where you’ll only encounter the variety of Pokémon found within the level itself. These Pokémon will respawn until you have faced around 50 of them. Defeat them all to continue on your journey. The second type will not bring a variety of Pokémon but instead choose an evolutionary line. With this, the highest evolution of the Pokémon appear as four large toys, similar to bosses, and the lower evolution Pokémon continue to respawn until you have defeated the four boss Pokémon. The Pokémon have a chance of toppling over as normal and the money rate is greatly increased.


The types from the main series games also play a role in this game. Moves can be super-effective or less effective, however all moves (except status moves) will do some damage. A weak attack being used by a high powered Pokémon will still do a fair amount of damage. Keep this in mind if you run into a boss you are having trouble defeating.


The * Row indicates Pokémon available post-game or under special conditions
The BOLD Pokémon is the boss of the area

Beginning Park - Proceed through this area with your trusty pikachu and learn the controls. When you reach the end of this area you will run into your first boss battle.

Sorry, there’s no hope of beating him. You will be thrown from the tower and land in the first town.

WORLD 1 - Toy Town

Zone 1 - Trailhead Field
Meadow –
Rattata Togepi Skitty Delcatty Tepig Patrat Minccino
*Raticate Watchog Audino Cinccino

Forest –
Pikachu Pichu Snivy Pansage Pidove Zorua Emolga
*Audino Zoroark

Battle Royale 1 –
Power Level: 70
Boss: Axew Scraggy
Prize: 100P

Zone 2 - Seabreeze Trail
Meadow –
Spearow Hoppip Skiploom Minccino Poochyena Buneary Lillipup
*Jumpluff Mightyena Castform Lopunny

Beach –
Horsea Remoraid Wingull Buizel Oshawott Panpour Ducklett
*Octillery Floatzel

Battle Royale 2 –
Power Level: 120
Boss: Throh Sawk
Prize: 200P

Zone 3 - Echo Valley
Forest –
Oddish Sunkern Wurmple Shroomish Happiny Snivy Pansage Deerling
*Chansey Sunflora Blissey Sawsbuck

Beach –
Tentacool Staryu Corsola Wingull Clamperl Finneon Oshawott Panpour
*Huntail Gorebyss Lumineon

Cave –
Vulpix Growlithe Magby Wynaut Tepig Pansear Woobat

Grass-Type Battle –
Power Level: 160
Boss: Ivysaur Bayleef Grovyle Grotle
Prize: 300P

Water-Type Battle –
Power Level: 170
Boss: Wartortle Croconaw Marshtomp Prinplup
Prize: 300P

Fire-Type Battle –
Power Level: 180
Boss: Charmeleon Quilava Combusken Monferno
Prize: 300P

Zone 4 - Challenger’s Ground
Forest –
Jigglypuff Igglybuff Wurmple Silcoon Beautifly Cascoon Dustox Tailow Purrloin Deerling
*Wigglytuff Swellow Sawsbuck

Beach –
Shellder Horsea Seadra Remoraid Wingull Carvahna Corphish Luvdisc Finneon Mantyke Ducklett
*Cloyster Lanturn Mantine Sharpedo

Meadow –
Pidgey Pidgeotto Meowth Sentret Mareep Flaffy Poochyena Patrat Lillipup Blitzle Audino
*Pidgeot Furret Ampharos

Tower –
Abra Drowzee Ralts Kirlia Mime Jr. Munna Scraggy Gothita
*Kadabra Alakazam

Semifinal –
Power Level: 250
Boss: Vullaby Pawniard Deino
Prize: 500P

Championship –
Power Level: 280
Boss: Serperior Samurott Emboar
Prize: 1000P Cool Key

WORLD 2 - Easterly Town

Zone 1 - Sun-Dappled Bank
Treetops –
Caterpie Metapod Butterfree Bellsprout Weepinbell Treecko Grovyle Pansage
*Venipede Whirlipede

Lake –
Psyduck Marill Wooper Lotad Lombre Azurill Bidoof Bibarel
Tympole Palpitoad
*Quagsire Uxie(after 2 people visit shop)

Mysterious Fort –
Round 1: Watchog
Round 2: Boldore
Round 3: Amoongus
Final Round: Krookodile
Prize: 1500P

Zone 2 - Misty Edgewater
Forest –
Weedle Kakuna Beedrill Teddiursa Shroomish Nincada Drifloom Cottonee Deerling
*Ursaring Breloom Ninjask Shedinja Sawsbuck

Cave –
Diglett Cubone Marowak Kabuto Torchic Combusken Woobat Litwick
*Kabutops Blaziken Swalot Gulpin

Hauntyard –
Gastly Shuppet Duskull Dusclops Litwick

Ghost-Type Battle –
Power Level: 450
Boss: Spiritomb
Prize: 1500P Team Catapult

Filthy Fort –
Round 1: Swoobat
Round 2: Beheeyem
Round 3: Gardevoir
Final Round: Garbodor
Prize: 2000P

Zone 3 - Soothing Shore
Tower –
Drowzee Hypno Spinarak Ariados Spoink Chingling Scraggy Solosis Duosion

Lake –
Shuckle Mudkip Marshtomp Lotad Lombre Surskit Masquerain Barboach Whiscash Basculin Shelmet
*Swampert Mesprit (after 5 people visit shop)

Treetops –
Paras Parasect Weepinbell Victreebell Ledyba Ledian Combee Vespiqueen Sewaddle Swadloon Karrblast
*Tangela Tangrowth

Bug-Type Battle –
Power Level: 550
Boss: Pinsir Heracross
Prize: 2000P High Gear

Greenleaf Fort –
Round 1: Sunflora
Round 2: Cherrim
Round 3: Ludicolo
Final Round: Bisharp
Prize: 2200P

Zone 4 - Shimmering Lake
Treetops –
Venonat Aipom Volbeat Illumise Roselia Kecleon Budew Burmy Wormadam Cherubi Cherrim Carnivine Petilil
*Venomoth Ambipom

Lake –
Slowpoke Slowbro Krabby Goldeen Seaking Tympole Palpitoad Basculin
*Kingler Slowking Castform Azelf (after 10 people visitshop)

Cave –
NidoranM Nidorino Nidoking NidoranF Nidorina Nidoqueen Anorith Woobat Drilbur Tynamo Eelektrik
*Armaldo Eelektross

Battle Royale 3 –
Power Level: 660
Boss: Flareon Vaporeon Jolteon Espeon Umbreon Leafeon
Prize: 2200P Charge Flag

Waterside Battlefield –
Leaders: Patrat Watchog Whirlipede Scolipede

Yes, this battle is another loss. Continue on your journey to Westerly Town.

WORLD3 - Westerly Town

Zone 1 - Rugged Flats
Beach –
Totodile Croconaw Wingull Pelipper Wailmer Shellos Gastrodon Oshawott Dewott Frillish Jellicent
*Wailord Phione (after 20 people visit shop) Manaphy (after 20 people visit shop)

Desert –
Sandshrew Sandslash Doduo Dodrio Trapinch Vibrava Skorupi Drapion Audino Sandile Krokorok Maractus
*Flygon Castform Krookodile

Canyon –
Geodude Graveler Onix Kangaskhan Stantler Zizagoon Linoone Slakoth Vigoroth Lunatone Audino Mienfoo Mienshao Rufflet

Cave –
Ekans Arbok Eevee Dunsparce Snubull Granbull Larvitar Pupitar Whismur Loudred Exploud Yamask

Normal-Type Battle –
Power Level: 760
Boss: Stoutland Cinccino Bouffalant Tauros
Prize: 2500P Windup Energy Magnet

Dragonbellow Fort –
Round 1: Fearow
Round 2: Tropius
Round 3: Lickilicky
Final Round: Druddigon
Prize: 3000P

Zone 2 - Volcanic Slope
Autumnwood –
Chikorita Bayleef Sudowoodo Kricketot Kricketune Burmy Wormadam Bonsly Munchlax Snivy Servine Deerling Foongus Amoongus

Canyon –
Aron Lairon Solrock Audino Timburr Gurdurr Throh Sawk Dwebble Crustle Meinfoo Meinshao Vullaby
*Aggron Conkeldurr

Lava –
Flareon Slugma Magcargo Tyrogue Cranidos Tepig Pignite Pansear Roggenrola Boldore Darumaka Darmanitan
*Hitmonlee Hitmonchan Hitmontop

Rock-Type Battle –
Power Level: 860
Boss: Carracosta Archeops
Prize: 3000P Swaparound

Foreboding Fort –
Round 1: Salamence
Round 2: Garchomp
Round 3: Tyranitar
Final Round: Metagross
Prize: 3500P

Zone 3 - Firebreathing Mountain
Lava –
Vulpix Ninetales Graveler Magmar Cyndaquil Quilava Magby Torkoal Shieldon Darumaka Heatmor Durant
*Darmanitan Zen Mode

Factory –
Magnemite Magneton Electabuzz Jolteon Smeargle Elekid Mawile Plusle Minun Spinda Pachirisu Chatot Joltik Klink

Autumnwood –
Pikachu Raichu Cleffa Clefairy Seedot Brumy Wormadam Mothim Audino Deerling Foongus Amoongus
*Clefable Nuzleaf Shiftry

Tower –
Natu Xatu Spoink Grumpig Swablu Baltoy Claydol Scraggy Scrafty Trubbish Solosis Duosion
*Garbodor Altaria Jirachi (after 40 people visit shop)

Battle Royale 4 –
Power Level: 1000
Boss: Eelektross Conkeldurr
Prize: 3500P Charge Flag+
Mountain Path Battlefield - Leaders: Crustle Boldore Excadrill Gigalith

Cobalion’s Castle –
Round 1: Bastiodon
Round 2: Archeops
Round 3: Cradily
Final Round: Zoroark
Prize: 4000P

WORLD 4 - Northerly Town

Zone 1 - Frozen Tundra
Glacier –
Seel Dewgong Swinub Piloswine Delibird Snorunt Glalie Frosslass Vannilite Deerling Sawsbuck Cubchoo
*Castform Regice Mamoswine

Tower –
Jynx Espeon smoochum Bronzor Bronzong Gothita Gothorita Elgyem Beheeyem Golett

Temple of Keys –
Power Level: 1080
Boss: Golurk
Prize: 4000P Temple Key

Cobalion’s Fort –
Round 1: Beartic
Round 2: Abomasnow
Round 3: Delibird
Final Round: Escavlier
Prize: 4500P

Cobalion’s Fort 2 –
Round 1: Sudowoodo
Round 2: Vespiqueen
Round 3: Gyrados
Final Round: Accelgor
Prize: 5000P

Zone 2 - Everspring Valley
Forest –
Bulbasaur Ivysaur Gloom Vileplume Exeggcute Exeggcutor Hoothoot Noctowl Yanma Tropius Cherrim Stunky Skuntank
*Bellossom Celebi (after 60 people visit shop)

Meadow –
Raticate Spearow Fearow Persian Lickitung Girafarig Miltank Zangoose Seviper Starly Staravia Glameow Purugly Lickilicky

Lake –
Squirtle Wartortle Psyduck Golduck Poliwag Poliwhirl Poliwrath Lombre Ludicolo Surskit Masquerain Croagunk Toxicroak

Hauntyard –
Haunter Umbreon Misdreavous Shuppet Banetter Duskull Dusclops Drifloon Drifblim Mismagius Dusknoir
*Murkrow Honchkrow

Cave –
Charmander Charmeleon Zubat Golbat Diglett Dugtrio Grimer Koffing Crobat Gligar Nosepass Probopass
*Muk Weezing

Poison-Type Battle –
Power Level: 1250
Boss: Muk Koffing
Prize: 4500P

Flying-Type Battle –
Power Level: 1300
Boss: Togekiss Aerodactyl
Prize: 5000P

Zone 3 - Sunny Seashore
Desert –
Rhyhorn Rhydon Pahnpy Makuhita Hariyama Canea Caturne Corphish Crawdaunt Turtwig Grotle Hippopotas Hippowdon
*Donphan Rhyperior

Canyon –
Machop Machoke Graveler Golem Onix Gligar Steelix Meditite Medicham Bagon Shelgon Gliscor
*Aerodactyl Salamence Regirock

Beach –
Tentacool Tentacruel Seadra Vaporeon Lileep Cradily Piplup Prinplup Buizel Floatzel Shellos Gastrodon

Lava –
Growlithe Arcanine Ponyta Rapidash Magmar Magcargo Numel Camerupt Torkoal Chimchar Monferno
*Houndour Houndoom

Factory –
Mankey Primeape Voltorb Electrode Mr. Mime Porygon Skarmory Porygon2 Shinx Luxio Luxray Riolu
*Registeel Proygon-Z Mew (after 80 people visit shop)

Ground-Type Battle –
Power Level: 1350
Boss: Donphan Rhyperior
Prize: 5500P

Fighting-Type Battle –
Power Level: 1400
Boss: Hitmonchan Hitmonlee Hitmontop
Prize: 6000P

Zone 4 - Fallaway Edge
Fallaway Battlefield –
Leaders: Deino Zweilous Escavalier Accelgor Hydreigon

Cobalion’s Stronghold –
Round 1: Donphan
Round 2: Steelix
Round 3: Seismitoad
Final Round: Haxorus
Prize: 7000P

Use your best Pokémon and play smart and victory will be yours! Congratulations on getting to the World Axle!

After defeating Cobalion, the game takes a plot twist and continues!!!! I will stay away from spoilers as much as possible. Continue through the first part of the World Axle and you will notice you won’t have to do much battling. Eventually you will make it to the final town.

WORLD 5 - Axle Town

Zone 1 - World Axle B1F
Forest –
Pikachu Raichu Scyther Yanma Pineco Forretress Yanmega Servine Purrloin Liepard Simisage Whimsicott
*Scizor Shaymin(SkyForme after 120 people visit shop)

Beach –
Staryu Starmie Omanyte Omastar Chinchou Lanturn Qwilfish Relicanth Dewott SImipour Ducklett Swanna Alomomola

Lava –
Growlithe Arcanine Ponyta Rapidash Magmar Slugma Magcargo Torkoal Magmortar Pignite Simisear Darumake Darmanitan

Meadow –
Lickitung Lickilicky Herdier Stoutland Blitzle Zebstrika Audino Minccino Cinccino Axew Frazure Mienfoo Mienshao Bouffalant

Hauntyard –
Haunter Gengar Misdreavous Shuppet Banette Dusclops Drifblim Mismagius Dusknoir Lampent

Rusted Battlefield –
Leaders: Houndoom Sableye Honchkrow Weavile Darkrai

Rusted Fort –
Round 1: Starmie
Round 2: Dusknoir
Round 3: Cresselia
Final Round: Giratina
Prize: 8000P

Zone 2 - World Axle B2F
Lake –
Magikarp Gyrados Dratini Dragonair Dragonite Togetic Feebas Milotic Togekiss Palpitoad Seimitoad Tirtouga Shelmet Accelgor

Treetops –
Roserade Leafeon tranquill Unfezant Leavanny Whirlipede Scolipede Petilil Lilligant Archen Emolga Karrablast Escavalier
*Pinsir Heracross

Factory –
Electabuzz Electrike Manectric Beldum Metang Metagross Electivire joltik Galvantula Ferroseed Klang Pawniard Bisharp

Glacier –
Spheal Sealeo Walrein Snover Abomasnow Glaceon Froslass Vanillish Cubchoo Beartic Cryogonal
*Articuno Sneasel Weavile Shaymin(after 100 people visit shop)

Tower –
Kirlia Gardevoir Gallade Musharna Scrafty Gothorita Gothitelle Duosion Reuniclus Deino Zweilous
*Absol Victini(after 150 people visit shop)

Cave –
Arcanine Ditto Rampardos Bastiodon Gible Gabite Garchomp Boldore Gigalith Swoobat Drilbur Excadrill Druddigon Larvesta

Flag Battle 3 –
Power Level:???
Boss: Tornadus Thundurus Landorus
Prize: 9000P Charge Flag++

Ruined Battefield –
Leaders: Absol Tyranitar Salamence Garchomp Reshiram

Continue battling through the shaft of the World Axle until you reach the very bottom and your last Team Battle!

Dark Rust’s Fort –
Round 1: Dragonite
Round 2: Groudon
Round 3: Palkia
Round 4: Zekrom
Final Round: ???

Congrats, Windup Master on completing the main game of Pokemon Rumble Blast!! Watch the ending, enjoy your success an savor it because the challenge is not yet over. When you gain access to the upper levels, the hardest parts of the game are yet to come. It is very likely that you will not last even a minute in these upgraded battles. So how do you complete them and gain bragging rights? Increase the World Rank and continue battling and gaining more powerful pokemon.


World Axle Upper Levels
Battle Royale EX-1
Boss: Victini
Prize: 60000P

Battle Royale EX-2
Boss: Lugia Ho-Oh
Prize: 80000P

Battle Royale EX-3
Boss: Kyogre Groudon Rayquaza
Prize: 100000P

Battle Royale EX-4
Boss: Dialga Palkia Heatran Giratina Grimer Darkrai
Prize: 120000P

Battle Royale EX-5
Boss: Tornadus Thundurus Reshiram Zekrom Landorus
Prize: 200000P

Battle Royale EX-6
Boss: Articuno Zapdos Moltres Mewtwo Raikou Entei Suicune Regirock Regice Registeel Latias Latios Deoxys Uxie Mesprit Azelf Regigigas
Prize: 500000P

Team Battle EX-1
Round 1: Venasaur Charizard Blastoise
Round 2: Flareon Vaporeon Jolteon
Round 3: Snorlax
Final Round: Articuno Zapdos Moltres Lugia
Prize: 60000P

Team Battle EX-2
Round 1: Meganium Typhlosion Feraligatr
Round 2: Wobbuffet
Round 3: Blissey
Final Round: Raikou Entei Suicune Ho-Oh
Prize: 80000P

Team Battle EX-3
Round 1: Sceptile Blaziken Swampert
Round 2: Slaking
Round 3: Milotic Kyogre
Final Round: Flygon Rayquaza
Prize: 100000P

Team Battle EX-4
Round 1: Torterra Infernape Empoleon
Round 2: Togekiss
Round 3: Magmortar Heatran
Final Round: Electivire Dialga
Prize: 120000P

Team Battle EX-5
Round 1: Serperior Emboar Samurott Bouffalant
Round 2: Hydreigon
Round 3: Tornadus Thundurus Landorus
Final Round: Zoroark Reshiram Zekrom
Prize: 200000P

Team Battle EX-6
Round 1: Articuno(2) Zapdos(2) Moltres(2) Lugia Ho-Oh
Round 2: Kyogre(2) Groudon(2) Rayquaza
Round 3: Reshiram(2) Zekrom(2) Kyurem
Final Round: Dialga(2) Palkia(2) Giratina(2) Arceus
Prize: 500000P

Move List

This list of moves covers moves that are for purchase throughout the game.

These 5 are for purchase in the towns
Giga Impact - Toy Town 100000P
Solarbeam - Easterly Town 300000P
FireBlast - Westerly Town 300000P
Surf - Northerly Town 300000P
Draco Meteor - Axle Town 500000P

These moves are available in the trampoline room before various battle areas. The price varies depending on Pokémon strength
Cut 1-1-Battle Royale
Low Sweep 1-2-Meadow
Rock Smash 1-2-Battle Royale
Growl 1-3-Forest
Vine Whip 1-3-Grass Battle Royale
Ember 1-3-Fire Battle Royale
Water Gun 1-3-Water Battle Royale
Tail Whip 1-4-Meadow
Echoed Voice 1-4-Tower
Work Up 1-4-Battle Royale
Ingrain 2-1-Treetops
Poisonpowder 2-2-Forest
Will-o-wisp 2-2-Hauntyard
Astonish 2-2-Battle Royale
U-Turn 2-3-Treetops
Struggle Bug 2-3-Battle Royale
Growth 2-4-Treetops
Harden 2-4-Cave
Round 2-4-Battle Royale
Smack Down 3-1-Canyon
Fury Swipes 3-1-Cave
Façade 3-1-Battle Royale
Incinerate 3-2-Lava
Rock Slide 3-2-Battle Royale
Volt Switch 3-3-Factory
Sonicboom 3-3-Tower
Bulk Up 3-3-Battle Royale
Absorb 4-2-Forest
Fling 4-2-Meadow
Poison Jab 4-2-Battle Royale
Pluck 4-2-Battle Royale
Acrobatics 4-3-Canyon
Whirlpool 4-3-Beach
Fire Spin 4-3-Lava
Bulldoze 4-3-Battle Royale
Brick Break 4-3-Battle Royale
Return 5-2-Battle Royale


This list of abilities are the special traits a pokemon can have. These abilities, matched with the various power levels of pokemon throughout the game and many different attacks, give the player millions of different combinations for their lead pokemon team.

In the field when a pokemon topples over, it will look slighlty different than normal and when you pick it up, it will show in pink colored text the pokemon name and the ability.

* Boost *アップ Increases damage from Specific-type moves (replace * with grass, fire, etc.)
* Boost + *アップ+ Further ncreases damage from Specific-type moves (replace * with grass, fire, etc.)
Chop Chop にとうりゅう You can fire off moves A and B alternately in succession
Punch アタック Raises the Pokémon's Attack
Turbo れんしゃ The move will keep firing for a short period while you keep holding down the button
Rapid Fire+ れんしゃ+ The move will keep firing for a longer period while you keep holding down the button
PokéTC ポケスマ Boosts strength of self & partners in multiplayer
Effective ばつぐん When hit by a super-effective move, damage goes up against an opponent not receiving that move
Superstar スーパースター "Cool & Popular" Makes the Pokémon more of a target
Speedy かいそく Pokémon moves faster.
Healthy しぜんちゆ Pokémon heals by 1% of maximum HP every second
Lucky ゴージャス Doubles the amount of "P" enemies drop
Perky たちなおり Heals from Status Afflictions quicker
Unstoppable いたみしらず You move later, but your opponent cannot stop you with a move
Greedy コレクター Allows access to P located further away
Gutsy ノックアウト Opponents become dizzy easier
Techie わざし Moves with low power are stronger
Feisty つきはなし Pushes Pokémon away easier
Slugger おおぶり Moves are slower but have longer range
Slugger + おおぶり+ Moves are slower but have longer range
Mighty かんろく Stops you being blown away by opponents
Brawny タフネス Increases Hit Points by 50%
Resistence タフネス Status Afflictions last longer
Barrier バリヤー Can't be hit by Super Effective hits
Hardy ディフェンス Increases the defence of the Pokémon
Sluggish ゆっくり Your moves are slower
Reflection はんしゃ Reflects bad status afflictions onto the opponent
Macho つよがり Strength is increased when playing with friends
Scourge たたり Lowers opponents speed when hit by an attack
Rally ムードメーカー Friends strength is increased
Boomer ばくはつ Explosions by this Pokémon are larger
Tangling しばり Restrains enemies easier
Daring むこうみず Attack is raised while Defence is lowered
Spiky とげとげ Damages the opponent on physical contact
Skittish にげごし Lowers damage when HP lowers
Poisonous どくもち May cause the opponent to get poisoned on contact
Resiliant きあい May be left with 1 Hit Point if it was to be knocked out
Snappy Attacks faster
Jinxed きあい Slows the opponents
Lingers ながもち Any Status change lingers longer
Adept ながもち Avoids negative effects including recoil
Lobber ロングレンジ Increases damage on long distance moves
Steady がんこ Not affected by any Status Changes
Steely Inflicts more damage when it has a status problem
Picky Only can have one move Has Punchy, Techie and Snappy
Grappler ショートレンジ Increases damage on close range moves
Unruly ショートレンジ Increases damage when moving into foes while attacking
Rusty どくもち Rusty Pokémon Has only Struggle When cleaned in the fountain, it gets a new trait and move
Brave ゆうしゃ Increases strength by 300 Points Finish Game to unlock
Epic レジェンド Has many traits at once, increases likelihood of toys joining, and takes random special ability. Defeat Cobalion and raise to World Rank 6+ to unlock.

Special Abilities will become more common later in the game and as you increase the World Rank. These abilities appear in blue text and give the pokemon several different regular abilities

Super Hyper Ultra Great Special Miracle Marvelous Nice Good Excellent
These abilities give 1 to 6 random regular abilities to the pokemon. Must have a pokemon with the Brave ability to unlock this list.


Speak to Munna in Easterly Town to type in the passwords and gain access to strong Pokémon earlier than normal.

North American Passwords
7746-3878 Electric Boost Pikachu with Volt Tackle found in 3-2 Volcanic Slope
3535-6928 Chop-Chop Gallade with Night Slash and Fury Cutter found in 4-2 Everspring Valley
7403-2240 PokeTC Oshawott with Razor Shell found in 2-4 Shimmering Lake
0250-7321 Tornadus with Hurricane found in 3-2 Volcanic Slope
9625-7845 Effective Gliscor with X-Scissor found in 4-3 Sunny Seashore
6699-8898 Victini with V-Create found in 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank
2153-6742 PokeTC Zoroark with Foul Play found in 4-1 Frozen Tundra
0176-1458 Rally Audino with Secret Power found in 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank
3402-6485 Dialga with Iron Tail found in 1-4 Challengers' Ground
0835-7338 Grass Boost Snivy with Leaf Tornado found in 2-3 Soothing Shore
2061-8332 Fire Boost Tepig with Flame Charge found in 2-2 Misty Edgewater
8819-8699 Thundurus with Thunder found in 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain
0442-4822 Lugia with Aeroblast found in 2-4 Shimmering Lake
4713-9936 High Speed Female Unfezant with Air Slash found in 2-2 Misty Edgewater

European Passwords
5487-0833 Fire Boost Tepig with Fame Charge found in 2-2 Misty Edgewater
7580-5216 Electric Boost Pikachu with Volt Tackle found in 3-2 Volcanic Slope

Japanese Passwords
5155-4087 Tornadus with Hurricane found in 3-2 Volcanic Slope
8590-9413 Grass Up Snivy with Leaf Tornado found in 2-3 Soothing Shore
9616-8485 Dual Wield Gallade with Fury Cutter and Night Slash found in 4-2 Everspring Valley
1432-2751 PokeSmash Oshawott with Razor Shell found in 2-4 Shimmering Lake
0120-8652 PokeSmash Zoroark with Foul Play found in 4-1 Frozen Tundra
2751-4887 Thundurus with Thunder found in 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain
1906-5834 Fire Up Tepig with Flame Charge found in 2-2 Misty Edgewater
7267-3443 Victini with V-Create found in 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank
6715-6555 Electric up Pikachu with Volt Tackle found in 3-2 Volcanic Slope
7415-3319 Groudon with Earthquake found in 1-4 Challengers' Ground
9752-8353 Dialga with Iron Tail found in 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain
7442-3671 Excellence Gliscor with X-Scissor found in 4-3 Sunny Seashore
3654-9185 High Speed Female Unfezant with Air Slash found in 2-2 Misty Edgewater
4000-2108 Bound Stunfisk with Mud Shot found in 2-3 Soothing Shore
1562-5492 Reckless Eelektross with Crunch found in 3-2 Volcanic Slope
6067-1831 Superstarr Garchomp with Dragon Claw found in 3-1 Rugged Flats
7322-0927 Articuno with Ice Beam found in 4-1 Frozen Tundra
3060-1785 Zapdos with Discharge found in 4-2 Everspring Valley
6301-6557 Moltres with Flamethrower found in 4-3 Sunny Seashore
6079-2900 Lugia with Aeroblast found in 2-4 Shimmering Lake
1975-5256 Mood Maker Audino with Secret Power found in 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank
3791-0580 Grass Up+ Serperior with Leaf Blade found in 1-1 Trailhead Field
8902-7356 Fire Boost+ Emboar with Heat Crash found in 1-3 Echo Valley
9418-1517 Water Boost+ Samurott with Aqua Tail found in 1-2 Seabreeze Trail

World Rank

After completing the main game, go to the upper levels of the World Axle to gain access to a shiny globe gear-like device. For a certain number of points, the World Rank will raise. This causes all Pokémon in the game to be on a similar power level, thus allowing you to capture your favorite Pokémon for the EX battles. You must keep increasing the World Rank if you hope to complete the postgame content. Don’t be stunned by the high numbers, since as you raise the World Rank, you will also be raising the amount of money dropped on average.

Rank 1 - 0P - 2100 Strength
Rank 2 - 1000000P - 2200 Strength
Rank 3 - 1200000P - 2300 Strength
Rank 4 - 1400000P - 2400 Strength
Rank 5 - 1600000P - 2500 Strength
Rank 6 - 2000000P - 2700 Strength
Rank 7 - 3000000P - 2900 Strength
Rank 8 - 5000000P - 3100 Strength
Rank 9 - 10000000P - 3300 Strength
Rank 10 - 50000000P - 3500 Strength

Legendary Pokemon Appearances

Legendary Pokemon will appear at the end of a zone where the boss is expected to be located. You will know to prepare yourself for a very rare legendary battle when you see that the final yellow springboard is sparkling. This list of legendary encounters shows in which areas you can encounter specific rare pokemon.

Mewtwo All Factory Areas after Battle Royale EX-6
Lugia All Beach Areas
Ho-Oh 3-2-Autumnwood, 3-3-Autumnwood
Latias All Meadow Areas
Latios All Meadow Areas
Kyogre All Beach Areas
Groudon All Lava Areas
Rayquaza All Tower Areas
Deoxys All Factory Areas
Dialga All Cave Areas
Palkia All Lake Areas
Heatran All Lava Areas
Regigigas All Desert Areas
Giratina All Hauntyard Areas (can obtain both forms)
Cresselia All Field Areas
Darkrai All Hauntyard Areas
Arceus All Tower Areas after Team Battle EX-6
Cobalion All Cave Areas after defeating Terrakion and Virizion
Terrakion All Field Areas
Virizion All Forest Areas
Tornadus 3-2-Autumnwood (requires 3 encounters before battle)
Thundurus 3-3-Autumnwood (requires 3 encounters before battle)
Reshiram All Cave Areas
Zekrom All Cave Areas
Landorus 3-2-Autumnwood (requires defeating Tornadus and Thundurus)
Kyurem All Glacier Areas


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