Pokemon Designs: Known Gen VI Evolutions

Axle the Beast

I’m overdue for weighing in my thoughts on the designs of the many new Pokemon announced for X and Y, and I figured I’d start with the ones that are known to evolve or be pre-evolved forms. I wrote a while back that I couldn’t necessarily say for absolute certain if the Gen VI starter Pokemon had good designs or not until I’d seen what they evolve into. After all, many Pokemon designs make more sense in the context of their before and after; while non-evolving Pokemon typically have very complete designs, often ones that evolve are much simpler and will evolve into more complex, interesting, and often fierce-looking creatures, so it’s difficult to judge a design all on its own when it’s meant to be complemented by other, related designs.

I’ll review the Gen VI Pokemon that lack confirmed evolutions next week — and that will be a lot more awkward and filled with more complaints, so brace yourself! — but for now I’m going to focus on the ones for which we’ve been given that all-important context!

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“Want a Ride?”


Gogoat in CoroCoroA few days ago there was a leak of information from CoroCoro about Pokémon X and Y. CoroCoro seems to be pretty good with its information thus far, and the new information was later confirmed to be true by the Pokémon website. Part of the information gave us a look at a few new Pokémon, one specifically named Gogoat. Want to know more about Gogoat and why it may be so awesome? I’ll let you know after the jump!
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