20130207-135159.jpgWith all the excitement of the X and Y announcement, it’s easy to forget that a brand new Pokemon game is coming out on March 24th. Gates to Infinity is the most recent installment in the Mystery Dungeon series and has been out since last November in Japan. Nintendo has released a lot of DLC for this game, which it’s looking like we will be receiving as well with the announcement of the first international downloadable content. Poke Forest is a great way to get a head start in Gates of Infinity, as the entire dungeon is full of gold.

The best part? Earlier adopters will be able to download it free until April 30th, after which you will have to pay $2.00 to add it to your game.

The Magic of the First Generation(s)


There’s something about the original Pokémon… Even beyond the Gameboy games or the anime; the original series as a whole I find had something going for it that was sorely missing in the latter entries encompassing the show and portable games, something beyond a simple sense of nostalgia and reminiscing. The original series gave players a clear and distinct directive of “Gotta Catch ‘em All”, an iconic tag-line that was quietly dropped but one generation after its inception. The directive to “Catch ‘em all” more than likely was dropped due to the sheer impossibility of obtaining the 400+ Pocket Monsters as the franchise continued to grow. This is but one of the reasons why the original series is held in such high esteem even to this day: it was a simpler, more approachable –and thus rewarding– affair. Read more…

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