wantcha Hey guys. If you have ever heard of Pokémon Dungeon before, you will know that it is a Dungeon Gaming Network site dedicated to the Pokémon franchise. Unfortunately we are struggling to keep up with all the latest Pokémon news as well as writing original content, that’s why we are reaching out to you to see if you can help out.

We will be hiring quite a few people due to how shallow the current team is so if you send in an application, you will most likely be accepted. We have a few positions up for grabs so if you are interested, jump inside for more details.

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Pokemon Designs: Known Gen VI Evolutions

Axle the Beast

I’m overdue for weighing in my thoughts on the designs of the many new Pokemon announced for X and Y, and I figured I’d start with the ones that are known to evolve or be pre-evolved forms. I wrote a while back that I couldn’t necessarily say for absolute certain if the Gen VI starter Pokemon had good designs or not until I’d seen what they evolve into. After all, many Pokemon designs make more sense in the context of their before and after; while non-evolving Pokemon typically have very complete designs, often ones that evolve are much simpler and will evolve into more complex, interesting, and often fierce-looking creatures, so it’s difficult to judge a design all on its own when it’s meant to be complemented by other, related designs.

I’ll review the Gen VI Pokemon that lack confirmed evolutions next week — and that will be a lot more awkward and filled with more complaints, so brace yourself! — but for now I’m going to focus on the ones for which we’ve been given that all-important context!

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How to Catch a Pokemon


pikaHey Pokemon Dungeon! Patrick Here.  A new Generation, and promises of the whole Pokemon dimension changing from the handheld, the card game through to the anime. I’ve always wondered about the game code behind my inability to catch Pokemon, or the strange times when my Great Ball snags me that Legendary. I’m not going teach you how to catch Pokemon (old man already did that), but I will show you the way the game works it out and hopefully you can have a less frustrating time catching.

Hit the Jump to learn more and increase your catch rate.

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Are you interested in contributing to Pokemon Dungeon’s building article feature? Yesterday Pokemon Dungeon had its first article, but we’re looking to build this part of the site just like we have over on Zelda Dungeon with its article feature. To do that we’ll need more people than just myself writing articles. Do you consider yourself a good writer? Do you have opinions you’d like to express about the Pokemon franchise, or think you could write something interesting if given a topic to work with? If you’re interested, register on our forums, then drop an application in our Article Center section.

Writing articles for the site is a great way to contribute and help the site, and it can also be a good way to get some exposure. Article are intended to go up on Fridays during prime viewing hours and receive a large amount of attention; the first article published on Pokemon Dungeon received large amounts of traffic. You can get recognized quite fast, especially if you do repeated articles and write frequently enough.

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Why the Designs of Generation 1 Were Superior

Axle the Beast

This is the first article to be published on Pokemon Dungeon, and what I’d like to talk about is the actual creature designs from the various Pokemon generations. As I’m sure you can glean from the title, I believe that Generation 1 (or Gen 1) is the best of all of them. Now surely if you’ve been on Pokemon sites or been in Pokemon discussions enough you’ll hear people praise the original 151 Pokemon the most, with opinions on the later generations being far more split.

This article isn’t strictly intended to convince people who feel differently, but also to lay out some objective reasoning as to why Gen 1 is the favorite, for the benefit of those who don’t understand that. Ideally, this article will be just as beneficial to those that prefer Gen 1 as to those who dislike it in explaining why it is the favorite.

I don’t think it’s something that can be explained away as nostalgia. It’s not a case of people simply liking the old generation because it’s the old generation and disliking what was added to it. The problem lies in specific design concepts that are pretty strictly applied to all of the Gen 1 Pokemon, and these concepts are gone from the later generations.

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Featured Fanart: Spiritomb


Spiritomb” by DeviantART artist Chewy-Pokemon

What catches my attention most about this piece is the fantastic expression on Spiritomb’s face, which is one part ethereal, one part maniacal, and entirely perfectly amazing. It gives off a very “crazy Joker” vibe that I find so appropriate for this pokemon. The rest of the piece is just as beautiful too of course, everything from the composition of the purple gas to the bleeding of the Odd Keystone, it all flows together wonderfully. Read more…

Featured Fanart: Four Seasons


Four Seasons” by DeviantART artist rajewel

The artist describes the piece to have a “magical feel”, and it does. There is something magical about the changing of the seasons that Sawsbuck really personifies. From the warm soft fur of winter to the youthful flowers of spring to the vibrant life of summer to the subdued colors of autumn, the artist really captures the magic of a full year of seasons in one beautifully painted piece, with amazing colors, details, and a flawless transition. Read more…

Featured Fanart: Cute Legend


Cute Legend” by DeviantART artist AndrePaz

This lovely piece here is one of several pokemon pieces in this artist’s gallery, and all of her pieces are quite beautiful. They are all bright and clean and cheerful to look at. It was hard to choose between all of them, but “Cute Legend” stood out to me because the cosmic background and the adorable legendaries floating in the void just look gorgeous together. Read more…

Site Progress Updates


As we’ve told you time and time again, we here at Pokemon Dungeon are hard at work to bring you the highest quality content while maintaining the friendly community where anyone can contribute. Well, things may have gotten a little confusing, so I’m going to give everyone a breakdown of all the progress we’ve made so far, and where we’re headed in the near future.

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Pokemon Dungeon Forums


As a part of our official grand opening, Pokemon Dungeon’s forums as you’ve known them before will cease to exist. This is due to the fact that we are a part of a larger network known as the Dungeon Network. Currently this consists of both Pokemon Dungeon and Zelda Dungeon. Jump inside for more information.

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Augmented Reality Cards Available


Recently, the Pokedex 3D website has released some new Augmented Reality (AR) Cards for download and printing to be used with the Nintendo 3DS. For those of you that don’t know, AR Cards are for use with the Nintendo 3DS for taking pictures, playing with, and even adding data to the Pokedex. Jump inside for more details.

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