Farfetch’d Friday #4: Slicing Scyther!

#123 – Scyther


Hello Pokefans! Welcome to “Farfetch’d Friday” where, as you know, we will be discussing a Pokémon that is looked down upon or ignored in the competitive scene. By reading this post I will try to explain to you how this actually really great Pokémon is. This week will be the first edition to feature an un-evolved Pokémon. I am aware Snormax normally does Farfetch’d Friday, but a lot of us are back in school so we are super busy away from Pokémon Dungeon at times. There hasn’t been a Farfetch’d Friday in awhile so I was eager to write one up myself. The latest secret weapon I have recently trained for battle is a mighty Scyther named Greenie. Today I will be analyzing its background, typing, notable moves and items, move sets, and more!
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