The Story of Mewtwo


TCGO_1920x1200February 6th is Mewtwo’s Birthday. And despite all the birthday wishes it has received around the internet, its birthday is nothing to celebrate; its story is a grim one.

Most of the fanbase is most familiar with the Pokemon anime’s interpretation of Mewtwo’s story. The 150th Pokemon was the antagonist in the very first Pokemon Movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back. At the beginning of the Movie, we see Mewtwo gaining consciousnesses behind a glass tube. Dr. Fuji, the head scientist of the cloning project responsible for Mewtwo’s creation, explains to the Pokemon that it is a cloned specimen of a long extinct Mew. Quickly putting two and two together, Mewtwo realizes that it is no more than an experiment to its creators and destroys the lab, including everything and everyone in it.

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How Might Black 2 and White 2 Impact the Series?

Axle the Beast

For me at least, the announcement of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 came as quite a surprise. Pokemon has always been a series that’s released its sequels as stand-alone game duos and trios with features unique from each other. Outside of some of the side games like Pokemon Stadium, there have been no direct sequels to a Pokemon game. It’s quite a surprise to see that change all of a sudden, and it’s interesting to think about. How might Black and White 2 differ from other main series Pokemon titles? Why were they sequels as opposed to a new set of games? Could this affect the series moving forward, and if so, how?

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